The question is not whether you want to live under martial law; the question is whether you want to continue to live under Obama’s “deep state martial law” where the media, the courts, the prosecutors, the tech giants, the IRS and every other element of the deep state is targeting conservatives and Trump supporters for complete destruction. Continue reading NATIONAL ALERT


Executive Order on Interference in US Election

This executive order gives the President the right to arrest any members of any social media company for treason. In other words this executive order had to be created and signed before the November election in order to give President Trump the right to arrest anyone for treason who interferes with the election through any form of propaganda or lying. This is YUUUGE and includes: Google Facebook Twitter YouTube MSM Those who run the media outlets will also be arrested no matter where they hide around the world, whether it’s Zug Switzerland, Beijing China, Berlin Germany, anywhere. The President is … Continue reading Executive Order on Interference in US Election

Emergency Alert Planned

The information coming from the military intelligence group, Q, has become suddenly time sensitive regarding the public (i.e., us). Back on September 6th, Q posted the following heads up: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 02b17cNo.2907565  Sep 6 2018 16:00:31 (EST) AnonymousID: 3a80bbNo.2907383 Sep 6 2018 15:49:28 (EST) 46480B2E-DF10-4118-975A-1A34DD7B626F.jpeg HEADS UP: Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test Planned –… One of the very first QAnon posts said they would use the Emergency Broadcast System to bypass media censorship and tell us what’s really going on. Consider the Q post from 9/1/18 declaring Emergency Preparedness Month Let’s combine this information with a post from Q Anon dating back to September … Continue reading Emergency Alert Planned

Jesus Overcame the World

This Patriot Day 2018, my birthday, the newsletter from my church included the following survival story. Don’t worry, it has a good ending… For students in high school it’s part of their history class, but for us who were glued to our television sets that morning 17 years ago today, we remember. We not only remember where we were when we first heard the news, but we remember the anger and the fear and the avalanche of emotions that came crashing in on us. We watched in horror as our country was under attack and we didn’t know what would … Continue reading Jesus Overcame the World

“President Trump-Deep State War” and Q

The war on Free Speech is in full force! Do not be deceived by platitudes and pushes, because this war has been raging for a few years. This is part of what I call the unacknowledged war. We are now faced with a kind of perfect storm in America — a “free speech apocalypse” — where all the institutions that once called for protections of the freedom of expression are now actively conspiring to exterminate it. This coordinated attack on free speech is now taking place in plain view. The agenda is not hidden, nor is it even debatable that … Continue reading “President Trump-Deep State War” and Q

The Fight to Save Free Speech

10 weeks to go before one of the most crucial American elections in modern times There is such hypocrisy going on in the Democratic party, that I truly believe our venerated First Amendment (#1A) is in peril. And mark my words, this Never Trump War is doing more for Trump’s supporters and the #WalkAway movement than the paltry loss due to the Manafort and Cohen convictions. On August 28th, a half dozen of the world’s high tech firms attended a private meeting in San Francisco to discuss their (THEIR) election strategy. Last week, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, … Continue reading The Fight to Save Free Speech

The Real History of World Rulers

As a Watchman, called by God to alert the brethren to enemy activity, I am obligated to RESEARCH, EDUCATE, and LOVE.  So I refer you to the articles below,  knowing full well they will provoke a paradigm shift in your thinking.  This is just one aspect of the world as it really is.  Pray before going any farther, and may the Lord God protect and encourage each of us. ◇▪◇▪☆▪◇▪◇ So far, I’ve been unable to post this article.  It is the true history of what Benjamin Fulford calls the Khazarian Mafia (KM).  These are some of the evil people who rule … Continue reading The Real History of World Rulers

Globalism and the Civilization of AntiChrist

Globalism is a secular humanistic religion that envisons a one-world government without national borders. Indeed, it mirrors the Kingdom of God in that the Christ-centered Church has Jesus at the head, ruling universally over all creation. “A major objection to globalism from a spiritual and biblical point of view is that many of the globalists are pushing for a global value system,” said Wallace Henley, senior associate pastor of 2nd Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. That value system is antithetical to the spiritual roots of many countries. In a speech in March, 2016, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated the … Continue reading Globalism and the Civilization of AntiChrist