3 Pillars of the Deep State Must Tumble

The time has come to understand that the one percent of real news that has come out regarding the filth and derangement of the pizza-pedophiles, child sex trafficking, the rape of Haiti by the Clinton mafia, the foul leaks in the WH—all this is just scratching the surface of what Cabal are really doing as they ruin our planet.  It seems they are intent on keeping their power at all costs, even if it splits the planet in two. President Trump has come into power like a wrecking ball (State of the Nation was first to coin regarding Trump), destroying as much of … Continue reading 3 Pillars of the Deep State Must Tumble


Immigration Reform Hits the Streets; Treaty Violations Cause U.S. Harm 

On November 11, ex-President Obama gave President-elect Trump all of the addresses for illegal aliens in the U.S. collecting welfare (http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/11/obama-will-hand-massive-list-of-illegal-immigrants-to-trump-complete-with-addresses/).  So essentially, Obama and the left sold out the illegals, not the right.   On Friday, President Trump ordered the … Continue reading Immigration Reform Hits the Streets; Treaty Violations Cause U.S. Harm 


You cannot reason someone out of something they did not reason themselves into.  Professor Jack Niewold takes on the “afflictive condescension” of the left in master wordsmith form in his latest article.             How many of my conservative friends have heard family or friends tell them how sad it is that they hold to such outmoded ideas? The “sad” word is most likely a proxy for the other words they’d really like to use but can’t because of the remnants of social decorum. Even they are subject to minimal standards of civilized behavior, especially when … Continue reading Parasitic

2017 Will Be Out of This World

I want to share that I give all honor and glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and pray He will  give me the words to write for you.  I’m writing on what may seem like fantasy, but I assure you, it is not.  Because there was a universal dissatisfaction with how the Cabal(1) was running things, and because of the outcry from several sections of society, it was ddecided that with 16 intelligence communities they would bring down the Bush-Clinton-Obama regime and related strongholds(2).  Their main weapon was the creation of WikiLeaks and its power to deceminate truth. … Continue reading 2017 Will Be Out of This World

Anomia – Without Torah

Without the Law of God to guide us, we each go wherever looks best, missing the Narrow Road God has put in place for us to follow.  You are not to do as we do here today, everyone doing as they see fit, Deuteronomy 12:8 NIV http://bible.com/111/deu.12.8.NIV There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. Proverbs 14:12 NIV http://bible.com/111/pro.14.12.NIV Scripture tells us that left to our own devices, we’d do what we saw fit in our own eyes, and not follow God’s Law.  This is the very meaning of apostasy (falling … Continue reading Anomia – Without Torah

Chonda Pierce to Perform at Inaugural Ball

Comedienne and “Queen of Clean” Chanda Pierce considers it “such a privilege” to stand up at Trump’s party.  She acknowledged that women all over the world don’t have the freedom to affect political change like we do,  and it is the right thing to do as a person of faith.  Referring to her Christian faith, she believes God has given her this platform for a reason.  I know if will be a fun event,  because she is a funny lady. Be sure to catch Chonda in the upcoming film,  “Enough,” in theaters April 25th. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/01/18/queen-clean-comedian-chonda-pierce-stands-up-against-backlash-over-her-trump-inauguration-gig.html Continue reading Chonda Pierce to Perform at Inaugural Ball


​Exclusive: Chuck Norris shares ’20 unheeded warnings’ by America’s 1st president My, how 220 years can change the world. This Tuesday, Jan. 10, President Obama will deliver his farewell speech from his hometown in Chicago. It promises to rally the left and mainstream media in ways that will bring tears to Michael Moore and George Soros. No doubt, we can credit eight years of Obama’s presidency for leaning our country more left, making it more socialistic, driving us $10 trillion deeper into national debt, further restricting our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, obliterating the 10th Amendment power of individual states by massive overreach of the federal government, radically increasing entitlements and abortion … Continue reading OBAMA vs. GEORGE WASHINGTON’S FAREWELL ADDRESS 

Significance of this new year, 5777

An excerpt from Dr. Lance Wallnau There are three “7s” in this Jewish new year. Interestingly, the number “7” in Hebrew is the letter “zayin” which represents both the number “7” and the word “sword.” What we are looking at in 5777 is, “The year of supernatural grace (5) to engage the clashing of swords (7).” The clashing of heaven and hell will show up in the conflict of ideologies. This collision of kingdoms has already started. “Zayin” means more than just “sword” or “weapon.” It also connects with a modern Hebrew word “mazon,” meaning “food” or “sustenance,” and “nourishment,” … Continue reading Significance of this new year, 5777

Christian Compassion and Nationalism

From my distinguished friend, Jack Niewold, who reaches into my thoughts, organizes the lot, and produces them in a most admirable fashion. Here’s hoping his hands don’t get caught on any gnarls in the process… Those of us who oppose illegal immigration are often accused of lacking compassion. It’s as though if you think that laws ought to apply equally to all people you are a bad person.  The question of human compassion, or in this case Christian charity, and a regard for such issues of national sovereignty and the rule of law, are understood by liberals as being mutually … Continue reading Christian Compassion and Nationalism

Update, 12/22/16

This gets weird, but hang on! Thanks to the hard work of several groups, especially including the intelligence community behind WikiLeaks, and those who fight for a Full Disclosure, the Cabal is in an uproar. Following the “pizzagate” revelation of the huge pedophile/sex-traffiking ugliness of a third of DC (and also the EU), the FBI has finally been able to work toward arrests, knowing they will soon have an AG willing to indict. Because of this unraveling, look for significant numbers of resignations, and a probable two-week power outage as the Cabal uses what power it has left to attempt … Continue reading Update, 12/22/16