The Jihad of the West

We are being betrayed by our own government whose largest responsibility is to guard our borders & our people (Article 1, sect. 8).  This is their paramount purpose, according to the enumerated powers invested by the Constitution in the federal government.

The myriad shootings of innocents are not random: they are committed by jihadis in the name of allah, with the full cooperation of the Obama administration (otherwise, why is it doing nothing except politicizing the tragedies in order to push gun control?).

The swarms of young men claiming to be refugees are coming here to destroy us further—75% of these groups are men of fighting age—there should be many more women & children, as compared to other refugee crises.

We must  pray, and stand together to repel this conquering hoard.  We do NOT worship the same God.  Brothers & sisters, NOW is the time to come to the aid of our country and each other to stave off further atrocities!

Something to think about. The terrorist shooter, Christopher Harper-Mercer, who killed 9 people and wounded many more at the Umpqua Community College, in Oregon yesterday, October 1, 2015, was a taste of what is shortly to come. He was a Muslim (not a “conservative Republican” as false stories have been circulated) whose sympathies rested with ISIS. He attempted, but failed to be able to travel to Turkey to join ISIS in early September 2015. And he slaughtered those who identified themselves as Christians.

First, we must stop accepting the lie that people who commit these gun crimes are mentally ill. This man was an Islamic terrorist on jihad in America. While some people who commit these crimes may have some mental illness, the vast majority of these people are just damned evil–emphasis on “damned” (e.g. Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood, Texas).

Second, in the name of humanitarianism tens of thousands of young fighting aged Muslim men are already approved to enter the United States thanks to President Barack Obama, the UN, and the Democrat Party. The overwhelming majority of these Muslim men have no wives or children and no background that can be verified to show that these people are who they claim to be or are from the countries they claim to be running from (supposedly fleeing war). These are not refugees and 4 out of 5 are not from Syria! This flood of Muslim men may very well be jihadist fighters and terrorist entering our country to wage a terrorist war in our communities and assassinate Americans! They may even be the lead element of a new Islamic army being allowed into our nation as our own armed forces are being dismantled by President Obama and his senior military leaders in the Pentagon.

Beware! Obama has radically reduced the ability of the U.S. armed forces to be able to protect our nation, he has declared a war on police officers, and his Department of Homeland Security and his political followers continue to try to disarm Americans or prevent them from being able to stock ammunition in order to be able to defend themselves against Muslim invaders seeking to wage war on the American people at home. Don’t be caught off-guard! Be prepared to defend your communities and your families!

Never before has the old saying been more true. “Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country” and demand the impeachment of Barack Obama and a return to Constitutionally limited government!

Terry M. Hestilow
Captain, USA (Ret.)
“From the Army led by Heroes!”
[Disclaimer: The use of my image in uniform, or my proper military title, does not indicate support or agreement by either the Department of Defense nor the Department of the Army (even though they should and would be right to do so but can't because our nation is now run by Communists, Muslims, and homosexuals).]
Special note! If you share my posts you are not authorized to amend or alter my comments, nor my "Disclaimer" above! If you don't like my disclaimer because you can't publish the last part, then don't post any of my material. Period! If I catch you modifying my posts I will block you from this point forward! No excuses!

Global Police Force to Fight “Extremism” in U.S.

The Oregon shooter targeted Christians, singling them out for death.  CNN DID NOT REPORT THIS FACT.  The MSM follows the Obama Administration’s outrageous push for gun control.  At least Lt. Gov. Ramsey has his priorities straight.

TN Gov. Urges Christians to Buy Guns

Rob Natelson sums up the scope of the Second Amendment in The Original Constitution: What it Actually Said and Meant.

The Second Amendment served purposes besides buttressing the natural right of self-defense and the reserved power of armed resistance. By guaranteeing continuation of the state militias, it strengthened state power in the state-federal balance – even though state militias could be called into federal service. By protecting the militia, the amendment promoted citizen involvement in government military affairs, just as the jury system promoted citizen involvement in judicial affairs. Likewise, by protecting the militia, the Second Amendment reduced the need for federal standing armies.


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