Benghazi Falls—Insurmountable Incompetence

In today’s American Thinker article, Deflecting Blame in Benghazi by Jim Waurishuk, we are told what we’ve no doubt already surmised.  The effort to keep Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama clear of all fallout is more important than the truth, and that their reputations and political viability trump American lives.

●600 calls to the State Department  for help

●Nearby Commander told to stand down,  & summarily fired within the hour for refusing that order

●American deaths could have been avoided

●Insurmountable incompetence

●Their secret negotiations made paramount over American lives

●How can Clinton & Obama get away with this & why do We the People allow it?!!

●What will Trey Gowdy do with this information?

What indeed will we do, knowing that the highest officials will stay in power should we neglect our duty of removing and prosecuting them?  We must stand against this lawlessness and make Benghazi the clarion call for action.


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