Liberal Moral Pathology Invites Anarchy

The following article was written by Dr. Jack Niewold, whose intellect, discernment, and understanding of deep spiritual matters has captivated my attention.  He is a comrade-in-arms for the cause of Christ.

Below is a photo of refugees, mostly Syrian, moving through Hungary on a multi-lane highway. They are headed to Austria, then on to Germany.


Am I the only one sensing that world events are quickly spinning out of control, more so than at any time in memory? I’m sure that prior to WWI, there was a mood of what the French call degringolade, the sudden deterioration of once-fixed cultural and political realities. But we have not seen anything like this in our lifetimes, even during 9/11.

The shockingly precipitate reversal on traditional views of marriage is one instance of this. International events are another, with the rise of ISIS, the rebirth of the Slavic bear and the Chinese Dragon, the transposition of former enemies into friends and friends into enemies, the movement of large masses of people from Latin America into the US and from the Middle East into Europe. These are seismic changes, mostly undreamed of a decade ago.

The causes for these and a host of other contemporary problems are legion, and simplistic explanations, even plausible ones, escape us. There is simply too much happening at once to admit of any grand theory.

Still, one must try to come to terms with all of this. I place much of the blame for the current global anarchy on the shoulders of Barack Obama and his progressive politics. Not in the sense that he has caused most of the troubles of our time, but that his personality has refracted a number of disparate pathologies into a malaise singular to our period of history. The President has somehow loosed into the world several demons that were once, by means of a certain moral order, held in check.

He has achieved this not only by what he HAS DONE, but even more so by what he HAS ALLOWED TO BE DONE. He seems to be a man who combines both maliciousness and neglect in a way with which we are unfamiliar.

In the photo, Syrians are streaming into Europe. Why? Because life in their homeland is so bad that they are willing to leave all behind and stake their lives on a trek to another world. Why is life in Syria and other places so unbearable? The short but accurate answer, I believe is this: In abandoning the Middle East (Iraq) in 2011, the President opened the door to forces that had a long history but no opportunities for expression. ISIS was in a sense “born” in the vacuum when the President pulled out even residual forces from the region. Unresisted, ISIS went on to lay waste to large tracts of Iraq and Syria. The people of the country–doctors, teachers, craftsmen, farmers–were caught between the murderous forces of the Assad regime and the holy warriors of Islamic State.

As with so many facets of the progressive dream, the consequences are never paid for by the dreamers. It is you and I, and the common people of Europe, who will bear the penalty for those who violate the traditional rules and moral imperatives by which an orderly world is possible.


Jack Niewold Ph.D.

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From his blog:

Though I consider it my greatest accomplishment to bring other sinners to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, I am also passionate about turning people away from the spirit of the times that blinds them to the truth of the gospel. This would include a backslidden and carnal church, on the one hand, and a merely spiritual church, on the other.

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