Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?

What makes someone become an Islamic extremist? Is it poverty? Lack of education? A search for meaning? Haroon Ullah, a senior State Department advisor and a foreign policy professor at Georgetown University, shares what he discovered while living in Pakistan.

Source: Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?

First, the liberal line that poverty & ignorance drive terrorism is obliterated by the fact that most Islamic Extremists are from the well read & well fed middle class.

Second, the desire for meaning & order.  As Professor Ullah states, “Places like Pakistan are submerged in chaos and corruption.  Islamists promise clear cut solutions to every problem: here’s how things will change if you follow these rules.  And only these rules.”

Third, a desire for change.  “The old corrupt order, the narrative goes, must be overthrown and that can only happen through violent action.  Again, it is Islamists that step in — with a promise to create a new form of government.”

Then the Professor gives tangible methods of combating this epidemic.  Watch the vid, & tell me what you think in the comments.




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