A treacherous Pope

This post from fellow Conservative, freedomfighter1995, is a wonderfully written assessment of our current state of affairs.

Aussie Nationalist Blog

Last week, the so called ‘people’s Pope’, visited the Central African Republic, to spread a message of peace. In a besieged area of the country, which had witnessed much recent violence between Christians and Muslims, Pope Francis stated; ‘Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters. We must therefore consider ourselves and conduct ourselves as such’. In the Pope’s stating of the importance of peace between different religious groups, he is fostering a positive message. In isolation, it is a message that should be applauded and admired by all good natured people.

These calls for peace, however, cannot be taken on face value. This is a Pope which pretends to be a major leader of Christianity, and presents himself as being a champion for peace activism.

Any achievement of peace, cannot occur unless 2 sides are consenting. Cries of peace directed towards a hostile and aggressive enemy, can only lead to…

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