WH Demands Trump “Disqualified” because of Rational, Reality-based Comments

“No matter what you feel about Trump’s immigration plan, the seriousness of the White House’s claim — that it should be “disqualifying” for Trump’s campaign — was belied by the pettiness of the White House’s remarks.”

“This is just another instance of a bullying president using his position to belittle others and then saying they deserve it. Instead of acknowledging that, though, the White House has chosen to cloak it in the armor of indignation. Absolutely shameful.”

Obama/Jarret and AG Lynch have practically gagged FBI Director Comey’s comments regarding the terrorism in San Bernadino last Wednesday.  Comey is the highest ranked officer in the country, and responsible for the safety of Americans.  And these three are making sure that verbal backlash against Muslims will be prosecuted?!!  I love how (former IL Congressman) Joe Walsh responded to Lynch by telling her to try to restrain his free speech.

The White House has no jurisdiction over candidates’ campaigns, just as they have no right to tell Americans their speech must be curtailed.  We are not a police state just yet, and I sincerely believe the Constitution and case law clearly show this distinction.

That this administration continually tries to chill free speech is more reason for Patriots to stand firm in their convictions – both politically and spiritually.


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