Religious Freedom Trumps Trump

With the rise of evil in the form of the Islamic State, Muslims are persona non grata, especially here in the U.S..  Trump’s message of limiting their entrance to the U.S. (and returning American Muslims) solely on the basis of this distinction is a slippery slope.  Dr. Russell Moore’s article (also in the Washington Examiner) explains why.

It is not in spite of our gospel conviction, but precisely because of it, that we should stand for religious liberty for everyone.

Our rights come from God, not governments. If they decide to close mosques because the leaders foment radicalization, that is completely different than closing them only because they’re mosques.  What is to stop them from shutting down Bible studies and church services solely because they are Bible studies and church services?

The only caveat to this discussion may be realizing Islam is more than simply a religion.  Sharia law is a totalitarian  form of socio-political control with religious fanaticism at its heart.

We are in a time of war, and we should respond as those in a time of war. But we must never lose in a time of war precious freedoms purchased through the blood of patriots in years past. We must have security, and we must have order. But we must not trade soul freedom for an illusion of winning.

Donald Trump’s seemingly off-hand comments regarding closing the borders to Muslims may have engendered agreement.  As Christians; however, I feel we must uphold religious liberty at every turn, because it may come down to OUR freedom of worship.




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