Offence, Truth and Consequences

We are called to share the Gospel and the Truth about God.  This is inconvenient and foolish for those trying for heaven by alternate means. Oh well, suck it up Christian, and take it up with God.

This article from Prodigal Daughter is written with a goodly amount of righteousness and gunpowder…

December 28, 2015

It is greatly distressing to me that so many of us today are more concerned with offending someone then [sic] telling people the truth. I feel sick in my stomach that basic biblical truths have been glazed over by the church.

We say Jesus is the only way, truth and life but then we say we have no right to tell someone who believes Allah is god that they are deceived because that’s being judgemental or intolerant… This isn’t mans [sic] opinion or judgement – these are the very words of our Saviour! And to follow that truth through – that He is the only way – requires disagreeing with people who seek other ways! It’s so simple but we are so afraid of going against our culture and the world which says we have no right to tell someone Christ is the only way to God and without Him they are lost.

Satan tries to disarm us with this unbiblical idea that to love people is to shut up and accept them without speaking the gospel. We are CALLED to proclaim the gospel and history tells us that we will be hated, rejected, persecuted and even killed for proclaiming it.

If we do not let people know they are on the wrong path we will be accountable for that before God. It does not mean we are to be rude or attacking but we are called to fulfil the Great Commission. I think it’s a convenient idea to many that we must accept and tolerate differing world views because then we are not required to proclaim the gospel which we know in our hearts will put us out there to be called judgemental and seen as extreme. It’s convenient to stay in our little bubbles of churchianity where acceptance of sin means we get to remain silent and avoid confrontation. It’s convenient to forget that everywhere the disciples went (and anyone else since) to boldly declare Jesus is The Way they were hated, imprisoned, attacked and even martyred.

Satan has woven a clever web of lies set to silence the Church from OFFENDING. But we’ve forgotten the gospel has ALWAYS offended. We’ve watered it down, made it insipid, removed the vital points so people are not convicted in their sin lest we upset them and are called judgemental. We have swallowed the lie that anyone who preaches repentance is extremist and the church has catered to the world instead of being set apart from it. We see conversions where there’s no conversion, we called the lost saved, we tell those facing God’s wrath that they’re loved and accepted as they are instead of showing them they are sinners who need to repent. ‘Repent’ has become a dirty word. A word that only God Himself is allowed to utter and no Christian should because we have no right to… It’s true that no word in all of history is more judgemental or intolerant than the word REPENT so we’ve blacked out that word from our teaching, from our bible studies, from our hymns and from the pulpit so it’s a more palatable gospel – lest we offend anyone.

How can anyone know and love Jesus, truly KNOW Him if they have not realised their need of Him, if they have not conceived their sin? It’s when we see our true sinful state that we come before Him and confess it and we repent. That moment when it dawns on us that we are sinners, that we deserve hell, that moment of deep thankfulness and joy in knowing that whilst we were still sinners Christ died for us, to save us! How can someone conceive grace if they have never known their sin state and need for Christ? See how when we take these sharp edges off the Gospel we take away it’s power to save? We offer half the story – that Jesus loves us and died for our sin…. We miss the fundamental reasons WHY only He could save us if we fail to preach sin and repentance. It’s time to tell the WHOLE story and stop trying to conform to the world… And the irony is then WE won’t be accepted or tolerated and WE will be judged by them. Are you ready to put yourself out there?


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