Jesus is a Particle? ~or~ The Quantum Entanglement of Prayer

Anthony Patch, Particle Physicist
“Covert Catastrophe”
“Diamonds in the Rough”
3rd book – Quantum Computer is AI
From an interview with “Gonz” of FaceLiketheSun (I watched 1-7-16)


LIGHT as particles and waves.
Two examples:  Jesus’ transfiguration – He shown like the sun; and Moses’ face glowed when he consumed some part of God up on the mountain.

Patch says Jesus in glorified form “slowed down” in order to become incarnate here in our reality.  So, Jesus is a particle.  (Any science nerds want to explain that one? -Editor)

If that’s true, then PRAYER is the quantum entanglement of particles. Prayer is an ongoing conversation with God.  As Christians, we have a direct line to the Father through Jesus Christ.

I have seen tests showing MRI and PET scans of how the brain lights up during prayer.  The synapses are extremely excited and seem to indicate incredible use of brain power, not there normally, and usually unaccessed.  -Editor

If I’m in prayer, communicating with God, one kind of particle to another in the Quantum Entanglement, we have a connection that is instantaneous, across distances that are irrelevant.

So we’ve effectively gone beyond time and space.  The TARDIS can’t even do that! (Editor)

We are quantum entangled with Jesus Christ.

(Cue Twilight Zone music…)


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