This is What Iran is Doing to our Navy Now

Steven Crowder wrote an interesting article Sunday, reporting on the bravado of Iran now that they know we’re no threat.  Thanks, Obama.

Iran flew a drone over a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf recently, an incident the U.S. Navy calls “abnormal and unprofessional.”

A statement from Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, spokesman for the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet, said that on the morning of January 12, an Iranian drone flew toward both the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and the USS Harry S. Truman, both of which were operating in international waters in the gulf.

“Because the UAV was unarmed and posed no risk to the carrier’s flight operations (since it wasn’t flying at the time), we determined that … the Iranian UAV’s actions posed no danger to the ship,” Stephens said in his statement. “It was however, abnormal and unprofessional.”

Abnormal and unprofessional.”

Though I guess on the bright side, at least they didn’t kidnap our military and post pictures to embarrass us this time. So there’s that.

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