Liberal Upbringing Destroyed His Future


Rise Of the Idiots: It’s Time To Burst The Social Justice Bubble Before It’s Too Late

, MARCH 16, 2016
American citizen, Otto Warmbier was charged with subversion by a North Korean court (Image: AP)American citizen, Otto Warmbier was charged with subversion by a North Korean court.  Read the entire article here.


Yeah, I said it. He’s an idiot. A stupid, stupid boy who lives inside his safe space environment that was created in a liberal society here on U.S. soil.The sense of entitlement shown by him is a sad and pathetic reflection of a generation who we have mollycoddled and sugarcoated with a sprinkle of “you are an amazing, beautiful person and everything else is amazing and you deserve to have everything handed to you because others have more and…” And they buy into it. They take it as gospel. They live their entire existence by it. And then they think they can change the world.They travel abroad and expect the same treatment everywhere else and, before they can say “there are more than two genders,” they find themselves doing 25 years hard labor in a North Korean prison for Subversion.

“But, but, but…he has human rights!” Yes, he does. But guess what liberals? When you break the law–ESPECIALLY in a country like NORTH KOREA–you can kiss those rights goodbye. Innocent until proven guilty? You’d think. Due process? Sure, if you say so but the sooner you understand that other countries don’t follow those rights, the sooner you will realise JUST how lucky you are to live in a democracy.



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