The United States of America no longer represents We the People.  We CAN change that.  The reason it’s not working today is because we have a military industrial complex that profits from secrecy and war, and it does not profit from efficiency and peace.  

Central Banking is an evil cancer.  These people are selling us credit they don’t have so they can take profits they don’t deserve out of our pockets.  That’s insane!

The U.S. government is Constitutionally chartered to print money on the good faith and credit of all of us, and not pay interest.  Why are we being such fools?  Well, if you fight them, you get assassinated.  Lincoln & Kennedy were about to print money, and not borrow from the banks.  I can’t prove it, but I can place them side by side and we can see they are related.

The federal government is broken, and it will take localized, bottom-up resilience networks to save us.  That’s where you come in.  Bloggers and hackers are the awakened lifeboat.  We need to start blogging retrospective impeachments.  I think it’s time for citizen investigative journalism to go deep, to go back and go current.  People need to learn they can’t get away with this stuff.  There is absolutely no lack of solution, and there is no lack of money.  What is lacking is the popular political will to exercise our God-given right to be in charge over the government.

What if we each adopted a zip code, and reported weekly on that area?  It would birth a correlation and coordination of information, and little baby reports.  Politics has gotten so dirty and stupid, it’s not worth your time if you’ve got a brain.  Well, I don’t have a brain, I have a soul, and I believe America needs to get back in the business of managing itself.  Don’t waste your time on the federal government, it needs to be replaced.  There are 27 secessionist movements.  There are nine distinct nations in North America.  I anticipate some virtual separation in the Republic.  The spike theory of change – as soon as one state gets it perfect, it’ll spread like wildfire.

(This article includes some information from an ex-intelligence expert.)

#StandfortheRepublic #WeThePeopleArise, #WTPArise #ResurgentIntegrity, #Resurgence #ConstitutionalAuthority

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