More riots

If you do seek to avoid a Trump presidency, do it through the appropriate way, because besides from greater name recognition, senseless violence only reinforces evidence of the existing issues in America, thus making Trump’s case even stronger.

Aussie Nationalist Blog

The violence, and the attempts to shutdown the views of Donald Trump, only seem to be continuing. Today in Arizona, crowds parked vehicles on either sides of the road, in an attempt to stop traffic near a Trump event. Meanwhile, New York City witnessed violent clashes outside of Trump tower, with rioters holding banners which read ‘#crushtrump’. Given the millions of ‘open letters to Donald Trump’, which are almost exclusively comprised of sheep- like, attention grabbing, meaningless and charlatan rhetoric, I will do my own open letter, responding back to these ignorant and obtuse individuals.

Dear lefties who rioted and support the riots;

I know that Donald Trump offends you. I get it, and I understand that Trump is not everyone’s cup of tea. I realize, that despite injustices of the past, you seek to over- compensate through excessive and inordinate levels of political correctness. All those who support Donald Trump, or empathize with…

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