Gulf of Mexico Dome Rising

The dome in the Gulf is rising and the deep water temperatures are now over 80 degrees, and climbing. It’s getting ready to blow.

The Gulf is connected to lava tubes up the Mississippi Valley, and back to Yellowstone in Wyoming. The big caldera there has been dubbed a super volcano. When either of these blows, the back pressure will cause the other to go, and tsunamis will ensue. Lots of excitement for our end time trek down to the end of the world.

In related news, that pesky flesh eating bacteria is popping up again.  Pfisteria (see US patent number on video – yes, it is a creation of the Government) is in the Gulf, along with radiation that was allowed to leak there (another calling card of our gov’t looking out just for us).

So, with the high temps, nasty bacteria, and radiation, I’d say it’s not a good time to swim in the Gulf of Mexico – like ever.

Pray that the ones behind these heinous crimes are halted and completely subdued by Almighty God, and that their plans are thwarted.



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