Trump and the Rinking of American Politics

From Forbes off-whitepapers, 8/24/15.

“In his own style, using only earned media, Trump has dominated the nation’s entire political agenda and its airwaves, created a new language of bluntness, upended political correctness (tone be damned), freely criticized mainstream media and brought  life to a moribund citizenry even if creating a bit of acrimony and anger along the way.

“Regardless of the 2016 presidential outcome, Trump might have opened the door for a whole new generation of authentic politicians and non-politicians who can and must learn the skills to use earned media effectively rather than spend most of their time fundraising and having to beg and plead for unrealistic amounts of money.

“Conventional wisdom suggests it takes each candidate about $1 billion to run for president with well over half going to ads on television, print and digital. Trump is about to shatter that conventional wisdom; he might end up spending nothing for media. He is the media. In doing so he might have broken the back of special interests, lobbyists, PACs and Super PACs and a small group of big donors who for too long have been setting our political and legislative agenda.”

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