Comparaison n’est pas raison, mais quand même

This reblog of today’s article by my esteemed friend, Jack Niewold, illustrates the point that compared to what else is on the field, the Donald is looking pretty good.


I’m not making a case for Donald Trump, but the man doesn’t look so bad when you consider the alternatives. I know, compairison n’est pas raison (comparison is no argument), but let’s indulge for a moment.

Take Obama. A kid spoiled in the wealthy home of his mother’s parents the Dunhams, prep school, a slide through the institutions thanks to the skids of affirmative action, a mediocre student at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, an entirely unremarkable career as a state senator and a US Senator. The man seems to have left nothing of his past for us to examine: no grades, no papers, no books (with the exception of the ghost-written “autobiographies”), no birth certificate. Yet he was elected President, twice.

Take Sanders. A student protester and political activist all his adult life, Sanders, like Obama, has never held a job in the private sector, and hence cannot understand free market/small government arguments. His entire political success has been built on politesse, an image as the outsider. He seems to have authored no significant legislation as either US congressman or as Senator. If he has written anything, I am unaware of it. His one claim to fame is that he filibustered the 2010 Middle Class Tax Relief Act. He is truly a socialist in the European mold, and would fulfill Herbert Marcuse’s definition of a “one dimensional man.”

Take Hillary Clinton (please). A student activist and politician most of her life, Madame Hillary rode to fame on the coattails of her husband. Unlike other First Ladies, Hillary was not satisfied with polite, safe causes like saying “No” to drugs or fighting trans-fatty acids. She cooked up the precursor to Obamacare while taking flak for her philandering husband. Her entire career has been a spectacle of corruption and shady dealings, from the scandals we know as Filegate and Whitewater to her probable felonious activities surrounding her private email server. Her tenure as Secretary of State is one of failure and American compromise. She leaves nothing of value to her successor, who is himself much like her in every respect. Her claim to fame seems to have been her tawdry slander of the decorated hero of Iraq, David Petraeus.

Does Donald Trump really look so bad when framed with these superfluous individuals? Sure, he’s a bombastic bastard and a tycoon with a mean streak, but he’s easy to read. He may not know his way around the world as well as I would like, and his understanding of Christianity, though sincere, is woefully weak. He may be hypocritical in a dozen ways, but who in this lineup does not exceed him many times over? At least he’s built things and made payroll for a multitude of people, and he seems to understand the common man as well as or better than the Democrats here understand the coastal elites who pay their bills.

Like I say, comparaison n’est pas raison, mais quand même… (Comparison may mislead, but sometimes not so much).


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