Who’s Heard This One?

Clues to what’s behind the curtain.  

Do not read this if you’d choose the Blue Pill and want to awaken safely in your bed tomorrow.  But if, like me, you have a thirst for Truth, and you’d take the Red Pill to see how far the rabbit hole goes, then by all means—have at it.  Just realize, there is responsibility associated with learning the truth.  Do your own research.

What If DB Cooper [Were] Fake – Diagnosis Of A CIA Lie


What if you had to create such a lie as to cover up what is really going on?

What if the CIA Cooperated with elements of the FBI and Department of Defense to create these lies to cover up the truth?

What if you had to cover up the fact that the VA sells military records around the world to compromise information security and destroy the US Military by creating a monster like Hillary to make the news?

What if you had to throw 2 jets at building’s in New York City to cover up the largest Gold Theft in history by the Clintons and the Bushes?

What if you had to claim a missile that hit the Pentagon was a Jet to cover up the fact that all those 127 Naval Officers investigating the Clintons for treason were mysteriously killed on 9/11?

What if you had to create a huge lie like Monica Lewinski to cover up the US bombing of all the Russian Orthodox Churches in Yugoslavia and surrounding areas to kill Christians?  Monica was a Mossad operative.

What if you had to create a story like the bombing of Oklahoma City and make it so big in the press no one realized that the BATFE and the FBI raided thousands of Gun Stores in the Ohio Valley arresting Americans who did not violate any laws?

What if you created a lie so big – like ISIS – to cover up all kinds of facts – like the fact that the US Economy is crashing – see today’s Job Report


So what about DB Cooper?

What if you had to create a story so big – like the Fake DB Cooper Story – so as to cover up the fact that the 11 original scientists at the Nevada Testing Ground (Including Dr Cooper, the first one and the one that lived the longest) openly stated that the Nuclear Tests are spreading radiation around the globe purposely to increase cancer rates by 1,000% – thus allowing the Department of Defense to openly test Chemical Weapons on Cancer Victims?

Well – in fact – this is exactly what is happening.

In the case of DB Cooper – the original 11 Scientists concluded that we are killing the planet and killing animals by testing nuclear weapons openly and began to speak out about this and the DB Cooper story suddenly broke.

No one could jump out of a 727 in flight and live. They would either:

1) Be sucked up by the engines – tail engines or

2) Be frozen instantly by the speed of the air in flight

3) Finally – how did he smuggle a Duffle Bag onto a Boeing 727?

When the Earth Poles shifted 21 Degrees about 100,000 years (?) ago the winds on the Earth were about 500 MPH. Animals were thrown up against something solid like rock walls and were frozen in place. This is why we find butter cups in the mouths of Wolly Mammoths in Siberia.

So jumping out of a Boeing 727 at a high rate of speed would freeze you instantly unless you had a special suit on and even if you made it the engines would suck you up – the engines are on the tail of the jet.

Even if you got down to 10,000 feet and slowed the plane down to 180 MPh – Stalling Speed fully loaded at that altitude – the second you opened the door most people would be incapacitated by the pressure change.

So the entire story was designed to cover up the fact that Dr. Cooper and the other 10 scientists began to release data showing the Radio-active Iodine – I-131 – in early 1971 – circled the globe causing huge amounts of cancer and several law suits were initiated by farmers down wind of the tests as their animals and crops began to die from radiation poisoning – in pops the DB Cooper Story 24 November 1971.

Even today media outlets like Wikipedia reinforce this FAKE story as the cover up continues.

“FBI” and “CIA” agents go across the nation discussing this FAKE story and we eat it up. We make DB Cooper a “Folk Hero” when the entire story is a Fake

So lets get back to reality – while Hillary is having a “Mental Melt Down” and the US is re-bombing and retaking Fallujah in Iraq for the 7th time in 20 years — the real story is the American Jobs Report shows the economy is crashing.

As for the European Economy we have a: Reality Check

Deutch Bank locks ATMs due to “Technical Glitz” this morning.

When Deutch Bank Goes the Euro goes. Two weeks later it is planned for the US Dollar to crash.

But do not worry – as the Dollar Crashes (I Mean Readjusts) the CIA will create another story to hide this fact and stuff it down our throats on CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Pray that we all wake up and those destroying America are themselves permanently flattened for life

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Please pray right now that Texas gets lots of Gentle Rains, not floods

Soon to be released: Tesla’s machines to heal the body and the frequency to grow gold and silver – which is around 7.02 X 10 to the 14th — but the exact frequency we have not yet determined.

I have some home projects to complete and after that will readjust my shop to do this – probably by December.

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