Presumptive Guilt Won’t Make Us Secure

From the illustrious Jack Niewold, 6/16/16.  A Truth-teller like no other.


Those of us who think a closer eye should be kept on Islamic immigrants, or that fewer of them should be allowed entrance to the country, have been on the defensive for quite some time. Our thinking is really common sense. We as a country are not screening immigrants carefully or at all, and in many cases we are allowing our southern border to become a freeway. The country can’t accommodate these numbers, nor do we know the impact of all these unassimilated aliens and their cultures on our way of life. We suspect that it can’t end well.

Our motives are cast as xenophobic by our President, the Democratic party, much of the Republican establishment, and by our cultural superiors in the chattering classes.

We are treated to the usual guilt mechanisms of the political left. I have in the past called this the accusation of Presumptive Guilt. That is to say, we are not allowed to criticize current political and cultural trends because at some place and time in our own past, we as a nation have been guilty of sins that delegitimize our way of thinking regarding issues today.

Presumptive Guilt holds that conservatives must never question the motives of the progressive class. If we do so, we will be smacked down by instances of our own hypocrisy. Conservatives, for instance, must never weigh in on the problem of reverse racism. This mechanism acts to silence conservatives, often in advance, through a process of self-censorship. We have actually learned to fear our own presumed guilt, to the point of parroting the political correctness of those who disdain us.

This mechanism is very effective in ending the conversation about the problems we as a nation face. We have learned to shut up and accept the solutions, such as they are, of those who know better than we do, and who in their own right are presumed to be without guilt.

As for me, I will not permit Presumptive Guilt to shut me up. There are none without guilt. Socialists have their own bloody past to live down. Liberals have most of the social problems of our society to explain, since they have been the authors of the legislation and moral norms that have created the racial, sexual, economic and cultural rot that surrounds us. Our world, much to the contrary of popular sentiment, is not suffering because of too much conservatism.

We have nothing to apologize for. Nor do we have anything to feel guilty about.

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