Anti-Christian Mindset a National Personality Disorder

Dated, but most certainly still important for our examination, Jack Niewold’s article about the outright vitriol aimed at Conservatives.  From 2013.



The First Epistle of John tells us believers that we should not be surprised if the “world” hates us (I John 8:13; see also Gospel of John, 15:18). Yet we Christians in the prosperous West are continually surprised at the virulent hatred we see and feel directed at us. Didn’t our ideas and spirit found this republic in the first place? Many of us have friends and relatives, on Facebook and elsewhere, who apparently agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday, and who seem to reflexively identify with nearly every plank in the liberal agenda. The world is increasingly politicized, with people long indifferent to politics now outspoken in their agreement with views thought radical and even a little kooky only a dozen years ago.

The popular mind is more radicalized than ever, and people now routinely take extreme stands on subjects regarding which they really have very little knowledge or experience.

Passive liberalism suffuses culture in general, just as active liberalism dominates the realms of entertainment, news, government agencies, academia and, now, even sports. Conservative, traditional values are increasingly viewed as dangerous and outside the mainstream; today a poll of Democrats indicates that 26% of them view the Tea Party as the most dangerous of domestic terrorist groups. The Tea Party! Whose most provocative acts to date have been leaving the parks where they hold their rallies cleaner than they were when they first arrived!

Once a merely partisan mood, the anti-Christian, anti-patriotic, anti-traditionalist mindset is now more a national personality disorder. Like the force that overwhelms people in Brad Pitt’s latest movie, rendering the masses into zombies, so this new pervasive hatred of the “Right” appears an uncontrolled pandemic from which the sane few must seek asylum.

And make no mistake: sanity is on the side of those who resist. The prophetic visions of Ray Bradbury and George Orwell have come to pass, though perhaps not as they intended. We now inhabit the world of Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron, where conformity with the ruling orthodoxy must, at any cost, be compelled. Dystopian movies of yesteryear, like The Body Snatchers, The Blob, The Day of the Triffids–with their cheesy metaphors–once again throb with an ironic relevance.

But as I said, none of this ought to surprise the Christian. His fellow believers in many parts of the world have been suffering and dying for years because they will not conform to this world. Now it may be our turn.

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