Wake Up!

From a brother, Johnny.

I’m deeply saddened that most Christians don’t realize how intelligent a creature Satan really is. Not intending to exalt or glorify him one iota he does possess a great deal of Godly knowledge, a knowledge that’s infinitely above the capacity of our tiny mortal brains no matter what percent of them we actually use. Jesus went out of his way warning us of his cunning and deceptiveness and Satan is coming at us from fronts we didn’t even know we had while most Christians are pleasantly sitting back on their laurels waiting upon the Rapture to whisk them all away before the going gets tough. Good luck with that.

We as believers need to wake up and realize that a Trump win (and I do hope he wins) may only buy us a small amount of time and hopefully save a few lives of the unborn if he’s truly sincere about being anti abortion. Bottom line though, everything we think we know about the history of the world from the beginning down to these last waning days of the United States has been a façade for the most part. Satan has had 6000 years to prepare his Endtime campaign against God and His children, which it’s all boiling down to. He didn’t start yesterday.

Ever notice how we’ve been programmed to scoff at any mention of a conspiracy? Well…what are Christians supposed to do when these conspiracies line up with Bible Prophecy? The mention of the word Bible drives the frenzy to an even higher level than the word conspiracy. It’s without a doubt we’re living in the Laodicean Church Age so even many modern day church-goers scoff at those of us who’ve awakened to what we’re facing, exactly like their worldly counterparts.

All I can advise is to hang tough by staying in the Word of God while keeping our focus on our precious God and Savior.

My point to all this will probably step on a few toes…well, good. I honestly feel we (as in genuine born again Christians) are facing Satan’s attack led by the ultra wealthy global elitists, many of which most likely hold council with Satan himself. The elitist control subgroups such as the upper members of the different Masonic Orders, the Catholic Church, and even Islam. From there it filters down to government leaders and other influential dignitaries around the planet through certain key secret or maybe even not-so-secret societies. Just look at the world’s celebrities flashing their Illuminati triangles while movies and TV give us prophetic insights into the next staged disaster or terroristic act. Tired of Satan’s onslaught yet? I’ll bet we’re barely scratching the surface.

I earlier used the term “awakened” in reference to myself and others who’ve begun to notice the water getting a little warm in this proverbial boiling pot. I differ with [Irvin Baxter’s] idea of the United States’ prominence during these last days because I feel its nonexistence is a key goal of the powers-that-be. Not wishing to sound morbid, we’ve allowed this country to become so Godless I don’t think there’s much of a chance for Redemption. We’ve become the new Sodom and Gomorrah and once we turn our back on Israel completely the fire and brimstone will begin to fall. I’ve noticed that even Chuck Missler and other Bible experts have already moved out of the country. This isn’t intended as doom and gloom. It’s a warning and wake-up call from a Brother In Christ who loves and cares for you.

For those of you that read this comment all the way through my advice along with staying as close as possible to our Lord through His Word and prayer is to, either alone or with a small group, sit down with your Bible and a computer and scour the internet, perhaps YouTube in particular, for videos concerning subjects such as Endtime events, CERN, Illuminati signs and symbols, the Masonic Lodge, staged events such as 911 and many of the so-called “shootings” around the country, the Antichrist being Obama or the Pope, the Pope being the False Prophet, Nephilim, and hundreds of others. But be EXTRA CAREFUL to measure everything you come across with the Word of God because there are LOTS of crackpots out there who post nonsense just to be a nuisance or a distraction. I know this all can seem a little scary and unnerving, but I think overall it’s a wakeup call from our Loving Father.

You can certainly call me a crackpot if you want but remember, you’re facing the wrath of a super intelligent god-like creature who despises your very essence because you belong to God. He’s also a desperate creature facing eternal torment in a lake of fire, a creature whose position of “god of this world” is VERY close to being over so he’s pulling out all the stops. As far as this upcoming election, Mr. Trump at least appears to be portraying the candidate with the higher morals of the two so we don’t have any other choice. As far as OUR remaining time on this Earth we’ve got spread the Gospel as best we can in these last days by awakening others as to what we’re all facing. We’ve got to awaken our friends, our neighbors, our relatives, and even our church members. We’ve got to blow the shofar and shout from the mountaintops. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Thank you and may God Bless you.


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