Death Count Rises as US Moving Toward War

This week, the death count rises one more as Hillary drops a cop. Hidden emails from the latest info dump show that the investigator on the case of a big Clinton Foundation donor has been “suicided.”  

An “LAPD Detective investigating Derrick Rose rape allegations” (LA Times, 10/12/16) was found dead in her home with a bullet in her chest.  Since when does an investigator kill themselves in the middle of an investigation?  Since she just put out a letter explaining the investigation.   Rose apparently has raised millions just from the NBA for the fascist Clinton Foundation.  Considering how many NBA teams there are, you can get an idea how many millions of dollars brave been funneled to the CF.  

I don’t believe that these email dumps are the work of one guy in seclusion exposing a million emails; this is a huge governmental venture (joint +CIA, SVR & Chinese operation?).


The US Corporation owns the US Congress which owns  the NBA, so…  The money goes from the taxpayers (you and me) to IRS, to Queen of England (which owns the US Corp.), back to the US Congressional Corp., then to the NBA and the players in kickbacks, then that money goes to the Big O and the Big H.  That’s called money laundering the US Corp. way!

Everything done in secret will be exposed, and hidden conversations will be heard.  We are hearing unbelievable admissions and even greater operations are coming out.

The big story is us moving close to world war.

“Royal Air Force pilots ordered to shoot down Russian jets over Syria.”

  • Putin is working to defend Assad, and against the US which supports the Syrian rebels who are killing and displacing hundreds of thousands of Syrian people.  The US is doing shameful, awful things in Syria, Putin is trying to help Syria, and we are the bad guys in this scenario.
  • The Royal Air Force  pilots are being drawn into a contrived war in order to support the Big O in the White House and its fascist activities. (My parents fought the fascists in WWII, so this is personal for me.)
  • The parliaments of the world are pawns in this horrible push toward war – don’t play their game!  English and Russian pilots need to have dinner together to sort this out.  Don’t be used in the fascists’ game of pawns.

What can we do?


We need to pray continuously that the evil running these despicable efforts would cease immediately and that the elite would turn back to God.  We must pray for our enemies, while asking God to expose them.

You need to be prepared with essentials to cover the effects of looting and general upset.  Have extra meds on hand if you can.  Realize that only the Great I AM, the Almighty God, can save us. So get right with God, ask His Son Jesus (Yashua) to forgive you of your sins and to come into your life today.  We assume we have tomorrow, but we’re not promised even the next moment.

Blessings to you all as we weather these storms in the knowledge and love of the Father together in prayerful solidarity.


Addendum:  Kirk Cameron is calling for a national Family meeting, tomorrow, via a live broadcast in theaters.  Be sure to be there, because we need you.


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