Hillary Promises a Muslim President

​HRC has openly promoted her desire for a Muslim President of the US Corporation, even as she campaign for her own presidency. 
It is Islam that treats women as second class citizens, throws homosexuals off roof tops, and carries out terrorist attacks.

If she wins this election, she has promised to accept more than 110,000 Muslim refugees from all parts of the Middle East. She will allow them to resettle here before we even vet them.
“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter” –George Washington

“The goal of Islam is to dominate while the non-Muslims live in an underclass” (Quran 9:29), while they are “forced to submit by any means necessary, including death” (Quran 8:39).

We must rise together and speak up. We must never stop fighting Islam and rejecting it in our country. As history has proven: “If you give Islam an inch, they will take over your nation.”
#StandfortheRepublic  #UploadtheVote 


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