Emotional Incontinence and Where We Go From Here

The connective tissue integral to the fabric of the American system is disintegrating like wet Kleenex.  As Yeats wrote:  “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.”  …As relieved as I am in Trump’s win  for what it will mean for the SCOTUS and a host of other issues, I am also horrified to realize that both the emotional incontinence and hysteria that we see in the reaction by those who supported HRC to Trump’s win, AND the impetus that led to Trump’s election, come from the same mechanism: Americans driven by their feelings rather than thought, reason or adherence to principle.  We are where we are because several generations of children have been taught that their feelings are the ultimate arbiter of truth and goodness.  If we cannot change the American school system, if it continues to indoctrinate our youth in nihilism, cultural Marxism and moral narcissism, this election will prove to be a very short reprieve from our slouch toward Gomorrah.

—Don Mitchell


My friend Jack Niewold’s ability to create the perfect word pictures while simultaneously illuminating their spiritual significance is an art and a blessing.  He takes what’s in my heart and pours it out with his silver pen.  The following is from the afternoon of Veteran’s Day.


The fallout over the election this week has been revelatory. The only response I can come up with is this: Now that the other side has shown what kind of people they are, thank God we have turned them out. I’ve never seen such a pitiful bunch of losers in my life, from campus crybullies to street thugs to authoritarian vulgarians like the owner of the food business Grubhub, who has asked for the resignations of any employees who voted for Trump.

We can now redefine some familiar words, like “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “marginalization.”

Please “resign” from Grubhub if you are a customer, and don’t go quietly.

The American Left has shown itself to be a low-life, vicious, despicable, self-absorbed, emotionally-puerile movement, a parasitic malignancy on the fragile body of civilization. The cities, media and cultural institutions that have spawned this disgraceful brood will be the first to taste its malevolent hatred, and that is all to the good. It’s the rest of us, those of us who have had to tolerate this filthy bunch of cretins, who owe our country something better.


That’s what I want to talk about right now.

We’ve turned a corner. None of us thought it would come this quickly and dramatically. It’s time for offense rather than defense. It’s time to proclaim the faith rather than defend the faith. It’s time to enjoy our civilization and history rather than to shore them up against destruction.

The fight has been long and dirty, and though we didn’t partake in the crimes and sleaze of our enemies, we have been spattered by their sputum and feculence. We are all coarser than just a year or two ago. Nor is the struggle for decency over. It will take a lifetime of vigilance to keep our nation free. This is no time to draw inward, except in one sense.


I am gripped with a sense of my own sinfulness and my own distance from my Lord and Redeemer. The exhaustion I feel amidst the euphoria is a spiritual exhaustion, warning me that now, more than any time in my life, my example, my martyria (witness), is fragmented and uncertain. Like the prodigal son, I have “come to myself” in the sense that I am undone and without excuse.

Great victories, it is said, are often followed by great sobrieties. Triumphant warriors in ages past have knelt before priests to receive absolution.

Sociologists say that such periods of personal distress and introspection, when experienced at a broad level, are one of the precursors to religious awakenings. Many of us have prayed for a Third Great Awakening for years. Perhaps this is the moment. Our society needs to be rebuilt, and only a people with vibrant reserves of religious commitment will be up to the task.

As when the Nordic barbarians swept over Europe in the Dark Ages, and it was the Christian missionaries such as St. Patrick, who followed and re-established a new world order, so it may be today that a great resurgence of evangelical faith will give birth to a new people who hold to what is good, true and beautiful.

In the end, we have won nothing if we do not take this moment, this “tide in the affairs of men,” to prayerfully grasp one another’s hands and work together for a generation of spiritual renewal. Yes, let’s “Make America Great Again,” but let’s also Make Jesus Christ Lord, both of our own lives and for the life of our republic.




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