Update, 12/22/16


This gets weird, but hang on!

Thanks to the hard work of several groups, especially including the intelligence community behind WikiLeaks, and those who fight for a Full Disclosure, the Cabal is in an uproar. Following the “pizzagate” revelation of the huge pedophile/sex-traffiking ugliness of a third of DC (and also the EU), the FBI has finally been able to work toward arrests, knowing they will soon have an AG willing to indict.

Because of this unraveling, look for significant numbers of resignations, and a probable two-week power outage as the Cabal uses what power it has left to attempt escape, but is stopped.

The recent discovery of ancient, advanced ruins under the ice in Antarctica is part of this Disclosure. It adds credence to the changes leading to the toppling of the Cabal, as does the election day visit of John Kerry to Antarctica. This story is beginning to be carried by the MSM, too!

This is a major shift to the positive. With the enormous heartland support for Donald Trump, it is apparent that the American public is keen to tear off the shackles of progressive status quo, and move toward creating a better future. We are ripe for new information and a better world, thus the push toward Full Disclosure, not just parts of the truth. The Cabal wants only a partial Disclosure in order to continue to hide its diabolical activity.

Things we are discovering:
The Military Industrial Complex is no longer the only game in town, and is just becoming aware of this fact.
There was an ancient builder race, with elongated skulls, who have limited descendants to this day.
One area of ruins has buildings where the walls, floor and ceiling are covered in a gold-copper alloy for channeling vast amounts of electricity.
The NATO handbooks from the 1960s discussing different alien species are accurate.
There are some dehydrated remains of prehistoric animals and inhabitants of the cities that were flash-frozen, similar to what we see in the ruins of Pompeii with the ash bodies. Most of the inhabitants are over 12 feet tall.
Genetic experiments were being conducted. This correlates to the biblical Flood narrative, as well as the Edgar Casey info.
If you are familiar with the show, Stargate Atlantis, their military had a US spaceship called Daedalus. Well, we have two such ships presently.

Just take all this in like a sci-fi novel. The Truth will indeed set us free!


Source:   https://youtu.be/JcxSl0vQDpU


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