2017 Will Be Out of This World

I want to share that I give all honor and glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and pray He will  give me the words to write for you.  I’m writing on what may seem like fantasy, but I assure you, it is not. 

Because there was a universal dissatisfaction with how the Cabal(1) was running things, and because of the outcry from several sections of society, it was ddecided that with 16 intelligence communities they would bring down the Bush-Clinton-Obama regime and related strongholds(2).  Their main weapon was the creation of WikiLeaks and its power to deceminate truth.  Hence we have seen scandal after scandal, not the least of which is the pedophile pizzagate.

Doctor Steve Pieczenik talks about the coup and counter-coup d’état in his videos (see link in 2).  This is a major clean up and dismantling of the Cabal.  That there are several hundred resignations from powerful positions is evidence of the shake up. The recent earthquakes underground all over the world are actual Cabal bases detonating because they refused to surrender.

Now that President Trump is installed, there will be a Nuremburg-like war tribunal to try these cabalists.  In an effort to decrease the acerbity of their crimes, the Cabal intend to provide a partial disclosure of the truth.  They hope public attention would be drawn away from them, yet be able to maintain some power over the truth of a full Disclosure.  These evil people are running scared.  And they should be.  

More evidence of this change in global power toward the benefit of humanity is that it has begun to rain in California.  The drought was direct attack on the agricultural production in America (California is the world’s breed basket), and the floodgates have opened refilling the aquifers, so that 40% of the state is no longer in drought.

Fmr. Sec. of State John Kerry went to Antarctica on election day.  There has been no follow up to this strangely timed trip.  Well now there will be.  You may have heard that ancient ruins have been found under the ice.  Now you can learn what was found, and the implications for the way we live.  The military does in fact have Daedalus-type(3) orbiting ships, and uses technology we have never seen. It is hoped that by full disclosure, these secrets will be revealed to us.

If you’re a fan of the Ancient Aliens show on the History channel, you have already heard about giants, elongated skulls, and ancient sites whose architecture we couldn’t even duplicate today.  What if we could actually name the builders and inhabitants of these sites?  What if the cities under Antarctica were intact enough for us to gleen the real history – the long history – of our planet?  What caused the major earth shift that submerged and flash-froze this civilization, and what if there were survivors to this day?

Finally, Plato wrote about the land of Atlantis west of Gibraltar.  Is his claim that a cataclysm occurred and the city was sunk in one day possibly related to all this?  My prayer is that we would be given answers and options within a small amount of time,  rather than over 50 years.  Humanity is resilient, but we would probably have a difficult time dealing with a bunch of earth rattling news all at once. 


1.  The Cabal is a multinational consortium of powerful individuals interested only in self-serving control of the planet, through world banking, health, government, and other societal aspects.  It is very old, progressing through domination and control.  Also called the Illuminati.

2.  Steve Pieczenik, fmr. Deputy Sec. of State under Kissinger, part of the CIA (ret.), the man on whom Tom Clancy based his character of Jack Ryan.  https://youtu.be/ov5kvWSz5LM,  http://stevepieczenik.com

3. Daedalus was the name of the only human space ship on the Stargate Atlantis series.


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