You cannot reason someone out of something they did not reason themselves into. 

Professor Jack Niewold takes on the “afflictive condescension” of the left in master wordsmith form in his latest article.

How many of my conservative friends have heard family or friends tell them how sad it is that they hold to such outmoded ideas? The “sad” word is most likely a proxy for the other words they’d really like to use but can’t because of the remnants of social decorum.

Even they are subject to minimal standards of civilized behavior, especially when mom or dad, or their next door neighbors, are footing the bill for their parasitism.

We get that they mean well, sort of, so we usually don’t comment on their afflictive condescension. 

When you use the “sad” descriptor, it’s supposed to connote sympathy for the plight of others, a plight incurred through no fault of their own. But that’s not how it’s used today by our cultural superiors.

When your liberal friends and acquaintances call it sad that you do not hold to their dogmas, what they’re really saying is that you are sick. You are beyond the help of their therapeutic mercies. You are somehow addicted, as most people are addicted to something or other in the breviary of the left. 

We take their true intentions, as we take so much more from the inquisitional classes. But we also know that if they had their way, we would all be compelled to comply with the dictates of administered guilt. 

It is liberals, progressives and most members of the left who are “sad.” They truly know no better. Most of them are what they are because they are strings easily plucked by the changing  winds of the Zeitgeist. Few of them have been argued or reasoned into the things they believe, so it is nearly impossible to argue or reason them out of their illusory states. 

If life is all victimology to them, then they are the primates of the race. 

Conservatives in the main hold their beliefs rationally and cognitively. That is, their beliefs have been chosen and are reviewed regularly through contact with the diversity that liberals talk so much about but know so little of. 

We’re just not as good at hammering others with our creeds as the left is. 

So the next time one of your sniffing friends tells you how sad it is that you are the troglodyte they believe you are, just tell them that it’s okay, you’re working on it. Then ask them what it is you’re supposed to believe, and keep asking why. 

Sooner or later, they’ll tell you what they really think of you.

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