Immigration Reform Hits the Streets; Treaty Violations Cause U.S. Harm 

On November 11, ex-President Obama gave President-elect Trump all of the addresses for illegal aliens in the U.S. collecting welfare (  So essentially, Obama and the left sold out the illegals, not the right.   On Friday, President Trump ordered the arrest  these illegal aliens and, in accordance with Federal law, they must be returned to their countries of origin.

According to the Pew Research Center (, about 61% of the 11 million illegal aliens collecting welfare live in just 20 cities. These are the same cities  have declared themselves “Sanctuary Cities.”  These cities are listed in the graphic below (Pew).

The arrests will continue until the Federal law is fully enforced and these illegal aliens are sent home.  Along with them, the mayors, governors, and congressmen who support these illegal are also in violation of Federal law, and should be arrested.

As for the judge in the 9th Circuit who filed a brief to block Trump’s executive order to keep cop-killing aliens out of the U.S. – why was Judge Robart not arrested by the U.S. Marshals 2 January 2007 when he ordered the illegal arrest of a Foreign Ambassador (William Mount,  Many people here and abroad are now aware that a low-level Federal Judge could order the arrest of an active Ambassador just because the  judge didn’t like him.  This caused U.S. corporations to lose a large percentage of trade because a moronic judge ordered the arrest of a foreign Ambassador in Tacoma, WA.  His illegal involvement in international politics has allowed international terror acts to be perpetrated, therefore violating the U.S. Espionage Act (clause 18) (see also the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations).  Why haven’t the State Department and the U.S. Marshals arrested this judge for violations of Diplomatic Treaties with Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Germany, and for negatively affecting trade?  

Corporations should consider their losses over the last decade, and ask Trump to deal with this judge and others who support him in a way consistent with the Active U.S. Treaty Obligations contained in the U.S., U.N., Austrian, and the Russian Treaty Vaults.  Is the State Department aware of what will occur in our economy against our corporations?

Deutsche Bank refused to pay a small bond in violation of international treaties, and look what has been done to them since November, 2014.  More of their top brass will be arrested.

Look at the U.S. Treasury Department over the last three years ($5 Trillion) and what has happened to the value of the Dollar since they denied payment of simple forms and refused amounts of less than $20 Million, in violation of international treaties.

Now look at U.S. trade over the last 10 years, since Judge Robart ordered the arrest and pummeling of an active foreign Ambassador because he didn’t like his attitude.

President Trump cannot rest on this issue, since trillions of dollars in foreign trade are at stake.

Maybe the State Department needs to stop trying to take reloaders and rifles away from the American  public, and focus instead on dealing with judges who openly and purposely violate international treaties.  These treaties clearly state that these judges should be arrested, not impeached.  According to William Mount, Judge Robart almost started a war with Russia ten years ago.  Why are he and his cohorts not in jail?

Please pray that God himself guides President Trump’s hand as he begins the arrest of those who would destroy our world.

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