The Deep State War?  Russian Officials Keep Dying Unexpectedly

March 1, 2017

In an article with the title above, Tyler Burden wrote the following on Zero Hedge, 27 February 2017.  I’ve taken a screenshot of the piece from another computer, but as of yet, cannot find the actual article.  With always more research to do, here is the information I have gleened from the article and elsewhere.

Six diplomats have been murdered in the last 60 days.

1.  Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov.  He was assassinated Dec. 19 by a police officer outside an art exhibit.  Ambassador Karlov was shot, but there was no blood.  Did he escape underground?

2.  On the same day, diplomat Peter Polshikov was shot dead in his Moscow apartment.  He was senior in the Latin America dept. of the Foreign Ministry.  Worked in Brazil.

3.  Russia’s Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Cherkin.  Died in NY, from apparent heart attack.  Death is being investigated.  He died a day before his 65th birthday.

4.  Russia’s Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, after a &brief illness& Jan. 27.  He was sick briefly then keeled over dead.

5.  Russia’s Consul in Athens,  Andrei Melanin, was found dead in his apartment Jan. 9.  Lived in a guarded street, and no evidence of a break in. Under further investigation.

6.  Ex-KGB chief Oleg Erovinkin was found dead in the back of his car, Dec. 26.  He was suspected of helping draft the Trump dossier.

Although the retaliation for these deaths is becoming world wide, it is centralized mainly in the Russian Federation for now.

The Head of the Jesuits said the only way to stop them is to kill them.  Then we regain our country, our economy, and our money.  Let’s see if the Russians have the guts to go after the Jesuits.

These murders are helping destabilize the country’s economy.


Go back another sixty days.

7.  A plane carrying the Russian Army Choir was shot down Christmas by a US missile.   The former US regime did that.  Were the whole choir targeted, or just because they were to sing Christmas carols?

8.  Sergei Krimov was in charge of Consulate Security in New York.  He fell off a roof after being beaten.

9.  Putin’s driver died in a freak accident Sept. 2016, when a car suddenly crossed over several lanes and hit head on.  This had to be computer controlled.  To personally hurt Putin, by the Elites in Europe.

10.  Mikhail Lesin, founder of Russian TV and adviser to President Putin, killed in his Washington, DC hotel room, Nov. 2016, after being beaten to death.

Remember in early March of 2015, Putin was giving speech, and collapsed?  He canceled all his appointments for about ten days.  On the day of his return, he ordered the northern fleet of the Russian navy to conduct a massive combat readiness exercise in the Arctic.  Perhaps he was shot with a microwave gun that produces a heart attack.  This weapon was featured by the FBI and Senator Frank Church in COINTELCOPRO.  Go look that up.

The same could happen 6 March.  The Elite are going after anyone who opposes them.  

The war between those who would start a fullscale nuclear war and those who would preserve planet Earth is intensifying, so expect more casualties.  Please pray that those killing Russians are stopped immediately, and that Russia does whatever God has asked them to do.  Keep in mind that the Russian Federation is licensed in London, and whose CEO is PM Medvedev.



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