The Mind of Christ and the End Days

Or ~ Babylon and the Serpent Bride

Anyone who is at all cognizant of the huge changes to our world, both economically and politically, in the last decade realizes the geopolitical situation points to a potential WWIII.  The U.S. and England are experiencing the rise of the Orwellian State, loss of freedoms, and the destruction of the middle class.  The possibility of nuclear war, plagues and pandemics, food shortages, and terrorism give us a bleak view of the future.  It seems almost everyone is taking an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication.  Fear and hopelessness fill the minds of people  across the world.

Yet Jesus Christ said this condition would accelerate in the last days.

People will faint from fear and expectation of the things that are coming on the world, because the celestial powers will be shaken.

Luke 21:26 HCSB

Author Paul McGuire states in his article, Freedom From Fear At The End Of The World,

On a purely human level, if we live in an existential universe where our very existence is based on evolutionary randomness, there is no real hope and there is no exit. There is a kind of hope in the science of Transhumanism, promoted by people like Ray Kurzweil. This is the belief that through science and technology Mankind will be able to cheat death and create an artificial Heaven on Earth. But this hope is based on what the late philosopher Dr. Francis Schaeffer called a philosophical upper-storey leap of logic.

Transhumanism is the method by which the elite believe they can reach eternal life and paradise through advanced science and technology, manipulating the human genome, and incorporating cyborg-like effects.  This is in direct conflict with God’s plan for mankind set out in the Bible.  The Biblical Worldview teaches that mankind was created by God and placed in a garden paradise, that they were immortal, until the “Fall of Man, when the cosmic law of sin and death was activated through the rejection of the Word of God.” “Prior to that time, Adam and Eve had… the DNA of God.”

I have written previously of the importance of this pure DNA in relation to the theory that the sin committed in the Garden was of a sexual nature, not the mere eating of fruit.  What was forbidden by God, I believe, was the intermixing of human DNA with that of the serpent.  Eve and the serpent (who was a bi-pedal creature) copulated and she conceived.  She also laid with Adam and conceived.  The twins, Cain and Abel, were of different fathers.  The scientific term for this is Heteropaternal Superfecundation.

Temptation succeeds at first by exciting our curiosity. Our great security against sin lies in being shocked at it. Eve gazed and reflected when she should have fled. The serpent created an interest, excited her curiosity about this forbidden fruit. And as this excited curiosity lies near the heart, I believe Eve was seduced, excited, and desired what the serpent offered her. I believe the forbidden fruit was no tasty morsel, but the envelopment of sexual union with the serpent, as Satan in his angel of light form.

The Serpent Seed and Man’s Fall

The line of Cain were responsible for Nimrod and what the Bible calls the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:4-9; cf. 6:4 – renown/name).  Somehow this structure, built through human unity, would reach the heavens and create great fame for them.  It was the first global system that I believe was in defiance of God.  I’m not at all dissuaded of the idea that this “tower” could have been some sort of yet undiscovered technology, genetic manipulation, or even a stargate, perhaps.  For this creation (not the unity they had), the Cainites (Canaanites) were disbanded and scattered, thus creating the many people groups around the world.

I suggest that a portion of these people groups continued their experimentation, and created genetic hybrids, and all sorts of creatures of mixed kinds (e.g. centaurs, animal-headed combinations seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs).  These genetically manipulated hybrids were anathema to God, so He raised up Noah.  We learn from Scripture that Noah’s line was pure (not corrupted with serpent DNA), and that the Flood was God’s judgment on the abomination of corrupt DNA.  This historical event ( there is a genetic bottleneck at the time of Noah, and the people after the event had a different DNA than those before the cataclysm) deals directly with Transhumanism and DNA.


Daniel chapter 2 discusses Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the giant statue made of various elements.  Notice that the feet are of iron mixed with clay, and that part is strong with part weak, so that it will be a divided kingdom (vs. 41-42).  This combining of disparate “kinds” of material also alludes to DNA.

And in that you saw iron mixed with wet clay, so people will be mixed with one another without adhering to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay. (Emphasis mine)

Daniel 2:43 NET

The reference to people being mixed refers to intermarriage or genetic manipulation.  The translation of “with one another” is with the seed of men, a direct reference back to the verses in Genesis (3:15; 6:4) (see also Mt. 13:38; John 8:44; Isa. 7:14; Gal. 4:4).  The “seed of the woman” is ascribed to Jesus (esp. crushing the serpent’s head in Gen. 3), and also refers to the remnant of those who keep God’s commandments and believe in Jesus in Revelation 12:17.

The thousands of years of recorded genealogical history of the line of Christ is a pure human DNA line, back to Noah.  His virgin birth is the coupling of pure human DNA and that of the Spirit of God.  Jesus  is composed of human DNA and the DNA of God.

That Christ’s bloodline was pure is how His death and resurrection are the only sufficient way for man to attain salvation after the Fall.  His blood is the sacrifice, given willingly, that paid the price of sin and death, and forever vanquished them for those who believe on His name.

Human consciousness, intelligence, logic, and reason are useful tools, but can only operate within the framework of a three-dimensional level of the senses, which is called Scientific Materialism…

Jesus Christ is communicating to us from an extra-dimensional level of consciousness. Jesus Christ is both God and Man and has the DNA of God in Him. Jesus Christ has the “mind of Christ.” The “mind of Christ” analyzes and processes information and sensory input on a far higher and multi-dimensional level of consciousness. It is only at this level of consciousness that it is possible to look at world events and to be able to rejoice and have peace…

When the brain of Man goes through a significant upgrade in software that is downloadable by belief in God’s Word, the mind of Christ is activated. The mind of Christ not only fills a human being composed of body, soul and spirit with the Spirit of God, but it also activates a continual download of multi-dimensional information which releases endorphins, serotonin, endogenous opiates, serotonin, natural oxycontin, dopamine, etc.

Paul McGuire

He calls this a “transcendence.”  That the very act of belief “upgrades both the software and the hardware as the Spirit of God regenerates the spirit of man…”  That our brain runs by more than programmed genetics, “the brain is driven by a personal-energy field of living consciousness which we call a spirit.”

Unless we have this “upgrade,” we cannot understand the mind of Christ nor the love of Christ.  Christ-followers can bear the troubles of our time because He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world, and (Jesus has) overcome the world!! We live here in the world of matter, but we are not of it – we’ve been transformed, and able to live out the joy and love and peace of Christ that the world doesn’t understand.


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