Elite Snakes Arrested

The swamp is draining and the snakes are suffocating.  Three Russians and two Americans have been arrested within the last month for espionage and treason.

Thanks to a concerted effort by presidents Trump and Putin, these traitors are going away permanently.

First, in Russia.

These men were arrested 27 January and can’t sing fast enough. All were communicating with the CIA about taking down the Right, forcing a win for the left, even though HRC only received 13 million votes total.  These are the evil people trying to lead us into a nuclear war.

  1. FSB Director On Information Security,  Sergia Mikhailov.
  2. His Deputy, Dmitri Dokchaev.
  3. Head of Cyber Crimes at Kaspersky Labs, Rusian Stoyanov.

Second, in the United States.

  1. Chief Political Reporter for CNN, Dana Bash.  She was a CIA operative involved in a plot to harm or discredit president Trump, and leaked secret information.
  2. Her husband,  Jeremy Bash, MSNBC‘s Security Analyst (former Chief of Staff for DoD under Obama).

These two reporters are up for treason which carries a penalty of a minimum of 20 years to life with the possibility of the death penalty.

Next, the traitors in the administration who’ll be identified,  like FBI Director Comey, who lied to Congress.  He has recorded everyone for 20 years, and he DIDN’T record Trump?!

These monsters must be put on trial for the whole world to see, similar to Nuremberg.

Even though there have been seven attempts on Trump’s life since August 2016, the US Marshals, Secret Service, and FBI don’t seem to care. The heads of these departments need to be replaced.  Most in these departments don’t like working for those openly committing treason, actively trying to murder presidents, and starting a nuclear war.

They appreciate a President who has the guts to stand up to these snakes.



Arrested Russian FSB Agents Allegedly Passed Information to CIA






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