The World Is Turning Back to Normal

Several news items have surfaced recently that are buoying my hope in humanity and in America.


Seems the truth of ex-president Obama’s nefarious endeavors is coming to light, and the way of the world is turning again on its correct axis.

In late June 2016, PolitiFact came out with an article that you might not have seen.  Even though it shows the author’s overstatement, it shows just how often Obama exceeded his constitutional authority.  Yesterday, SCOUTS ruled against Obama regarding his National Labor Relations Board appiontment without Senate approval.

Susan Bloch, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University, said the NLRB case is very different than the rest of the cases on the list, in that the court actually was ruling on a separations of power issue and a presidential overreach.

“That’s a fair case of the president’s use of executive authority getting rejected,” she said (emphasis mine).

But the Heritage Foundation claimed anything but overstatement of the recent case.

The “decision marks the 12th time the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Obama administration on the issue of executive power,” Heritage Foundation legal expert Elizabeth Slattery explains.

Too bad he has only been challenged a handful of times compared to the nearly 2000 EOs he signed over eight years.  In fact, his top ten violations are only the biggest power grabs by this criminal; but there is a list of 75 crimes he committed and for which he should have been impeached.

In Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration facilitated the sale of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and stopped tracking those weapons once they crossed the border so the administration could later blame the Second Amendment.

Even more shocking, President Obama authorized a shipment of guns to the Syrian opposition, a.k.a. ISIS-linked militants, on the exact same day he demanded more gun control in response to the Oregon shooting.




(Links to come.)

The truth that FBI Director Comey lied to Congress about not surveilling the Trump campaign is going through Washington like lightening.  All of them, including James Comey, Paul Ryan, Nancy PePelosi, Biden, and Obama, and the economic leaders opposing Truth and Freedom, are running for cover.

The elite in the Deep State, who are trying to create worldwide chaos in an attempt to start a nuclear war, economic meltdown, and kill 65 billion people, are in utter panic.  Agenda 21 (now Agenda 30) is still in play.  Their wealth is being stripped from their pockets and their empires are being exposed.  Either they will turn State’s evidence or go down in flames.  Praise God!

As the head of the Jesuits, Hans Kovlenback, stated 15 April 2000, if a man of God stands up to us and challenges our authority, we are through, our last stronghold being the United States.  And anyone who touches that man of God will be killed.

In fact, there are several men and women of God, some Watchmen, who have stood up and proclaimed the truth!  All of the cabal’s heinous actions are being exposed and will be dealt with by God.


1.  The Directors of the FBI and NSA (acting, Rogers) failed to appear before Congress yesterday  (3/28), but sent a note they were too busy.  Impertinent!  Congress is their funding entity, but they couldn’t bother to show up.

2. USAG Jeff Sessions warned all sanctuary Cities and Countiebeta they must follow immigration law or he will cut off their federal funding.

3.  As revealed on 60 Minutes (really!), the first ISIS attack on America was by FBI agents (shooting suspect in Garland, Texas).  The FBI agent did not render assistance to the police officer downed, but took pictures and ran.  Horrible!  They came in body armor and weapons issued by the FBI, and the police shot them.  The FBI needs to be defunded.

4.  FBI agents showed up en mass yesterday in Arizona with machine guns – fully automatic weapons.

5.  Elite Protestors are demonstrating worlwide, using your tax dollars given to the George Soros companies through discretionary funds. Abusive!

6.  In a feeble attempt to start WWIII using FAKE NEWS, CNN stated that N. Korea will launch a nuclear attack on the US and S. Korea using US-made  missles Clinton sold them – all 152 of them including the eight Minute Man ICBMs they have left.

7.  President Trump signed an energy independence bill (Zero Hedge), ending the current Marshal Plan and climate change initiatives (because we gave Europe millions to prop up their banks), putting millions of Americans back to work.

8. In a bold move, Trump handed German PM Merkel a $374 billion bill for NATO, saying if she wants our protection, to pay up. Otherwise, we are out.  The EU wants a protector, they need to pay for their own defense.  Awesome!

9.  Per the Chicago Black Lives Matters, the riots will kick off April 15.  So cops need to be ready to dispose of CIA and FBI provocateurs.  Else they will send in more agent provocateurs and kill cops.  Their riots will be a COVER for torching 18 cities with big “Hiroshima-sized firecrackers” – all they need is one to go off.  It’s an attempt to start WWIII by three of the council of 45+1. ( Briefcase nuke, Brasof??, 16 April, still in flux ).  The elite want access to the Holographic Library in Romania.  All briefcase nukes are in contact with US satellites 24/7 and put out a specific signature.


Wow, exciting times!  Tracking 19 nukes, riots worldwide, rogue FBI/CIA terrorists striking Syria to Arizona, Congressional leaders openly committing treason, more US troops sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria to protect drug shipments for the elite, a huge US space ship that won’t fly.  And the intensity is increasing daily.  How can anyone say we are not in the end times?


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