IMF and the Dollar’s Destruction

Annual meeting 22-23 April 2017, D.C.

Discussed the downfall of the entire US economy & replace it with chaos.

Read that as death of the Dollar and mass killings to bring the population down to a manageable number. Since Rome runs the Muslims, it will be replaced with Islam.  Main speaker was Chris LeGard  (the white haired lady who is a cross dressing male).

Rothschild Banking System owns & runs:

  • The U.S. Corporation 
  • Chinese Central Bank 
  • Bank of Russia 
  • Russian Federated Republic

The Rothschild banking system (real name is the Bowery Boys), owned by Deutch Bank, which is owned & run by the Vatican Trust, which is owned by the Vatican.

Over the the next 6 months they will throw everything at the collapse of the US Federal Reserve Dollar and create chaos in America.

In comes President Trump spoiling all their plans for death and destruction.  He said we will have huge tax cuts. 

Since the world will no longer tolerate US Debt, this means huge federal tax spending cuts and layoffs in cities, counties, states, and federally funded corporations,  like the EPA,  FBI, etc.   Just cut them off at the trough.  Follow the money.   No more money, no more colleges like UC Berkeley (Antifa riots quelling free speech), no more welfare, no more refugee pay for 80 million non-Americans, no more federal subsidies.  States must balance their budgets or have their governor’s arrested.

The IMF & UN are having a temper tantrum, trying to destroy everything in sight.

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