1 Down, 22 To Go

Anthony Weiner has been arrested for texting explicit messages to a fifteen-year-old girl.  But Congressmen are immune for life, except in cases of treason.

The arrest of Congressmen who have been shown to be traitors has now begun.

So why is Weiner going to jail for something he is immune from, and why hasn’t he been found six feet under like others who have dared to testify against the big “H” and the Democrats?

In order for the treason charges to be dropped, he would have had to have some special and condemning evidence against his fellow Congressmen.  Weiner has come clean on all he knows, so he’ll be relocated to a safe place to live out his life.

The arrest, trial, and conviction was done so secretly that no one was able to eliminate Congressman Weiner for testifying against HRC and her drug-dealing, murderous foundation.

Let’s pray the traitor John McCain is soon in this lineup of evil-doers.

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