Disclosure in the News

From  https://truthearth.org/2017/06/24/mega-intelcurrent-events-update-change-is-here/



June 24

  • Disclosure

(Daily Mail) Proof of aliens or another hoax? Conspiracy theorists claim they have found a three-fingered ‘mummified humanoid’ with an elongated skull in a South American cave 

(Fox News) Space Warfare: America could soon have a new branch of the military protecting outer space

(Mirror) The quiet alpine town in Argentina that housed thousands of Nazis after the war – and Hitler may have been one

(Sputnik) European Space Agency Given the Go-Ahead to Hunt for Aliens

(Daily Mail) Is there an undiscovered world in our solar system? Strange orbits of distant comets hint that a mysterious ‘Planet 10’ could be hiding in its outer reaches

(Space) House Panel Takes First Step Towards Military “Space Corps”

(Sputnik) Former US Navy SEAL, CIA Agent Arrested for Smuggling Drugs

(NY Post) Europe is spending a fortune to look for aliens

(Daily Mail) The sun is sending powerful cancer-causing solar eruptions towards Earth – and now scientists say these plasma ‘sneezes’, which also cause power cuts, are getting HARDER to predict 

(Daily Mail) Britain’s secret ‘X-Files’ dossier, containing details of 50 YEARS of UFO sightings across the country, has finally been released 

(Daily Mail) Will an AI be the first to find alien life? NASA backs plans for smart robotic explorers that could scour the universe 


From  https://truthearth.org/2017/06/19/pedo-arrests-and-disclosures-continue/

June 19

  • Disclosure

(Digital Journal) Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past

(Sputnik News) Have Faith: Scientists Reveal Likelihood of Intelligent Aliens


(Express.co.uk) MARS HENGE: Is ‘perfect stone circle’ found on Red Planet proof of intelligent aliens?

(Daily Mail) Flying cars are almost here! Production of the PAL-V, with foldable wings, a top speed of 105mph and a hefty price tag of £437,000, will begin in October 

(Daily Mail) A cheaper way to send large objects to space? Engineers create shape-shifting ‘4D’ printed objects that are able to build themselves when heated

(Daily Mail) World’s first flat-pack soft robot that can move without a motor: DeployBot crawls like an inchworm and could be used on future space missions 

(The Guardian) Alien megastructures – where we should look next

(NME) Lorde reveals her new album was originally about aliens

(Express) ROSWELL SENSATION: What is said in alleged DIA ‘UFO and alien leaked report’?

(Sputnik) Evil Twin? Sun Formed Alongside Second Star That Could Wreak Havoc on Earth

(Futurism) NASA Just Discovered 10 Earth-Like Alien Planets

(Chinchilla News) Roswell expert claims to have found evidence of aliens




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