Trump Arrests Treasonous Rat’s Nest

President Trump has arrested about 150-200 people connected to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.  A Clinton mole is Bijan Kian, a Turk, who gave Turkey money – a treasonous act – and that has led the US Department of State(DoS) to reopen the email case against Hillary Clinton and her “circle of national security criminals.  Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is targeting Kian.

Mueller has long “hatred/disgust” of Hillary Clinton following her issuing to him (when she was the Obama regimes Secretary of State), on 16 August 2009, when he was FBI Director, a secret “action requestordering him to hand over to the SVR a sample of highly enriched uranium (HEU) in a “secret plane-side tarmac meeting” in Moscow that violated all normal US and Russian protocols and procedures for the transfer of such deadly atomic materials.

At the time Bijan R. Kian became associated with General Flynn’s Flynn Intel Group, this report explains, he was, also, the Chairman of The Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of a company named GreenZone Systems, Inc.—and that in August, 2015, began merger negotiations with a shadowy “Deep State” intelligence software company named SAIFE, and that was completed on 27 April 2017.

Important to note about SAIFE, this report continues, is that was, in fact, the “main/central” secret communication link between Bijan R. Kian and Hillary Clinton facilitated by that companies Vice President of Operations and Chief Legal Counsel, named Justin Freeh, who aside from being a former US Navy intelligence officer, is the son of President Bill Clinton’s FBI Director Louis Freeh.

Both Louis and Justin Freeh are members of Opus Dei, making them natural allies with the Cabal deep state.  Louis Freeh became a citizen of Italy in case their plot to carry out their coup d’etat failed and he needed to escape the US.

To how the Clinton-Freeh-Opus Dei coup plotters utilized their “moleBijan R. Kian against President Trump, this report details, was to destroy Trump’s National Security Adviser Lieutenant General Michael Flynn—and that they successfully accomplished by Bijan R. Kian secretly negotiating without General Flynn’s knowledge a $600,000 contract with Turkey saying that the Flynn Group would represent their interests in the US.

The more insidious act, however, was that Kian published an article in The Hill that appeared under Flynn’s byline, essentially admitting to lobbying work for Turkey and destroying his credibility.   Mueller continues to take on the deep state.

The Good News

Democrats lost FIVE races due to their illegal dealings: SC, MT, GA, and two others.  People are standing up to the National Democratic Socialists and voicing their dispisal with their votes.  Jon Ossoff was soundly defeated by an underfunded Karen Handel in Georgia, in the most expensive House race in US history.

The Cabal is deeply determined to overthrow our duly elected President in a coup d’état by the MSM “fake news.”  They are being driven to madness that Trump can ignore them completely by going directly to the American people on his social media sites.  His followers now number more than 109 million:

32.6 million followers on Twitter @Real Donald Trump, 18.9 million followers @POTUS, 14.7 million followers @White House, 22.4 million followers on Facebook at Donald J. Trump, 1.7 million followers on Facebook at President Donald J. Trump, 8.3 million followers on Facebook at White House, and 10.6 million followers on Instagram at @Real Donald Trump and @White House.

More to come on these subjects, plus continuing info on Disclosure and The Event, as they are related.




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