Prostate Cancer Breakthrough

NaturaNews published a report from Precision Oncology showing how the combination of these three natural foods significantly reduced tumors in prostate cancer. 

As described in the University of Texas newsletter, this breakthrough discovery allows people to “starve prostate cancer with what you eat for dinner.”
What are these three natural substances? They are:

Ursolic acid from apple peels

Curcumin from turmeric

Resveratrol from red grapes

Watch the video to learn more about this discovery and why the cancer industry doesn’t want you to learn about this breakthrough.

Also, check their new website on natural food cures at

One thought on “Prostate Cancer Breakthrough

  1. Thanks for posting this Watchmanmomma …..last month my blood work showed my PSA @ 4.7 which for my age is slightly elevated. The first thing you & the dr think about is Prostate cancer. I don’t what what the urologist thought, but I told him I knew the PSA test wasn’t that great. They are working on a new test ISOPSA that is about ready to be put out for the public. It would actually tell you if you had prostate cancer and if it was the slow moving kind or fast moving kind. They always want to give you a biopsy to see if it’s cancer of the prostate. Google “prostate biopsy problems” and you’ll be shocked at how many people get complications from it and are hospitalized. Then half the time or more they find out they don’t have prostate cancer, only BPH which is an enlargement of the prostate. Turkey Tail mushroom is also good to halt prostate cancer. There’s a good book out by the man who discovered the PSA test in the 70s, it’s called The Great Prostate Hoax: How Big Medicine Hijacked the PSA Test and Caused a Public Health Disaster, by Richard J Ablin & Robert Piana ……it’s about turning the PSA into a money maker for the doctors.

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