Trump Drains the Swamp…and Gets Things Done!

The times we live in are very complex.  How did we get here?  The second law of thermodynamics is called entropy, wherein any ordered system must necessarily decay into disorder.  That is why, to keep things in order, we have to constantly maintain order with tweaks, fixes and rebuilds.  We have reached a point of such neglect in our national system of governance and civility that we now have quite the tangle to unweave before we can even fix the problems. It’s worse than complex, these are perplexing times.

The workers are the backbone of this nation – those who seek a good life, to raise a family, pay the bills, and move up the ladder of success.  It’s all about working hard, playing hard and building a better mouse trap.  They know the importance of maintaining order.  That’s basic, and it comes before any kind of growth.  They see the corruption that has seeped into our federal and local governments – the kind of corruption that is bringing disorder into their communities, and making their lives increasingly difficult, and making their children’s future bleak.  Then they saw a brash outsider with a long list of impressive achievements throw his hat into the ring, and in short, they backed him and now he’s our president.

His campaign was all about order.  He said he would be the law and order president.  He said he’d fix our foreign trade deals, thus bringing companies and assets back to America, returning the millions of jobs we lost to globalism.  He said he’d fix our broken borders and our broken immigration policies that encourage illegal immigration, and that don’t properly vet the people coming in.  He said he’d fix our roads and bridges, and most importantly, he said he would drain the swamp!

The swamp.  The swamp is at the center of all our problems.  All our problems emanate from that foul, reeking, bacteria and parasite ridden, stagnant, moldy swamp.  We’re talking about pay for play, bribes, spying, blackmail, kickbacks, secret societies of perversions to insure loyalties, insider trading, politics of personal destruction, thievery, cronyism and nepotism, power grabs and land grabs, no bid contracts to benefit the politicians and their friends and families, corporate welfare, corporate bailouts and corporate takeovers.  Aside from all that, there is a deep state of socialist holdovers going back to the Clinton administration, and most prominently installed during the Obama administration, with a list of sick agendas that you wouldn’t believe if it were told you.

It would’ve been great for these swamp creatures if Hillary the socialist won. It would even have been okay for them if Jeb or Rubio won.  Hell, even when it came down to Cruz or Trump in the primaries, they thought they’d do better with Cruz.  But no, in spite of every dirty trick in the book, and many that were not in the book, Trump won because the people said so.

You know as well as I how the left, the elites, the media, the entertainment industries, globalists and Islam all hate him with such a visceral hatred it defies words, but clearly, they’re also deathly afraid of the man.  I’m not going to get into the many ways they disparage and mistreat him.  You see it every day yourself.  Bottom line, they want to take him down, or take him out.  You’ve seen how they’ve tried everything to take him down, but their efforts were to no avail.  Taking him out is still on the table.  He is heavily guarded, but we pray and believe that God’s hand of protection is on him.

If we could call this a game, we’d say the stakes are extremely high. But this is not a game.  This is war, a civil war between right and left, and between nationalism and globalism.  You can say it’s a cold war, but people are being hurt and sometimes killed.  This is on the verge of becoming a very deadly hot war.  Why does it have to come to this?  What is the swamp so afraid of?  Jail.  Losing everything.  Having all their ill-gotten assets seized.  They’ve grown very comfortable in their very comfortable lives.  All that may be shattered by one man: Donald J. Trump, who is gathering the toughest and most serious law and order team ever assembled!

The current state of play has Robert Mueller, appointed special counsel to lead the Russia probe, setting up a grand jury to impeach Trump – this, in spite of the fact that there has been no specific crime cited.  There are allegations of “collusion with Russia” to “hack our election”.  But no specific evidence of “collusion” has been indicated, and no specific evidence demonstrated that shows Russia hacked, or even influenced, our elections.  You cannot, in spite of all their crowing, impeach a president without any evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor.  They can frame him, but that’s been tried and has backfired a few times already.

They’re going to try to drag this out so that even if he is not impeached, this smoke and mirrors game will tarnish his bid for reelection.  That would backfire too, except that I would hope that Trump will use his authority and legal right to put all this nonsense to an end, sooner rather than later.  He can do it, but he’s apparently afraid of appearances.  I recommend he pull rank in spite of how the media spins it, because they’re already calling him Hitler.  How much lower can they possibly go?  He could fire Mueller, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions could easily un-recuse himself and say, “Enough is enough.  Either cough up what you got, or fold up your cheap little tent and go home!”

Sessions is now stepping it up after being publically admonished (if he were secretly admonished it would have been leaked to embarrass the president), and maneuvers are being made to go after the many deep swamp scandals, from Hillary’s destroyed 33,000 emails, to Bill Clinton’s meeting on the tarmac with Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch, to Susan Rice’s taking Obama’s and Valerie Jarrett’s orders to unmask (spy on) the Trump campaign, to the leaks (most likely faked leaks) of fired FBI Director Comey and his plethora of potential illegal activity.  There is plenty of fodder with which Sessions could go after the left and the deep state, and appoint his own criminal investigations.  It’s endless.  Counter punching may work to get them to back down, but I doubt they ever will.  Nevertheless, justice is justice, and these issues need to be resolved either way.

In spite of this civil war and attempted coup within our government, here is the miracle and here is the good news!  President Trump is keeping his campaign promises.  He said we need to strengthen our military and stand up to our enemies.  Check!  Generals are given the freedom to fight ISIS the way they think best, and as a result the Islamic state is a state no more.  He commissioned the $12.9 billion next-generation aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, which is symbolic of a new era and delivers a strong message to our friends and enemies around the world.  He also had a significantly increased budget approved for our military.

He said he would help our vets.  Check!  Trump’s VA terminated 500 employees, suspended 200 more for misconduct and 33 workers were demoted.  VA Secretary David Shulkin is committed to greater transparency within the VA.

He promised jobs would come back, said the miners would go back to work, said the economy would take off… Check!  Check!  Check!  The Dow Jones has hit all time historic highs just within the last few days, and we’ve had a bull market since he won the election, before he was even sworn in.

And Trump is still working hard to get the never-Trumpers within the GOP majority to get in line so that Obamacare can finally be repealed and replaced, and to have our tax code rewritten with common sense tax cuts for big business and small business, and for upper, middle and lower income earners.  Do those things, and cut the ridiculous, crushing business regulations, and we’ll see the economy grow like we haven’t seen in decades!

Thank you, President Trump!  Thank you to all his supporters!  And in regard to all those who oppose us and employ treacherous schemes to defeat us, let’s fight back! Let’s get them!


CV Berton

Truth amplifier, writer and producer of the America First Network.


Trump Working


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