The Enemy America Now Faces 

The enemy America now faces comes from within.

The two sides of the same coin both currently being funded by the SERCO Corporation through the GSA and the CIA, the factions:

(1)  Democrat supported National Socialists (NAZI Fascists) have been slave supporters since about the formation of this nation, importing over 600000 black slaves and 400000 whiite slaves, most of whom were Irish.

The last time the Democrat Party faced a Republican Party president that threatened to destroy their elite and privileged way of life, the then pro-slavery Democrat Party took all of the States they controlled, seceded from the United States, created an 1861 paramilitary version of ANTIFA they called the Confederate Army, and then promptly started a Civil War they eventually lost, but at the cost of up to 850,000 lives.  

(2)  Communist Lefties, currently being called ANTIFA, who claim to be anti-fascist. nothing could be farther from the truth.

Remember Vladimir Lenin, the US/UK supported revolutionary who had the Tzar of Russia deposed.  

The only difference between Fascism and Communism is the speed at which we get there. The end results are the same: dictatorship and the concentration of all power into the hands of the Elites.

If the ANTIFA communist terrorists and their “fake news” propagandist media supporters really wanted to remain true to their stated aim and goals of totally erasing from America’s historical memory everything related to racism, instead of calling for the destruction of all Confederate Civil War monuments (Confederate statues today, book burnings tomorrow), the blowing up of Mount Rushmore, and the eradication of  everything having to do our nation’s Founding Fathers because most of them were slave owners, they should first destroy the very “head of the snake” of  racism called the Democrat Party—whom, they conveniently forget, defended slavery, started the Civil War, created Jim Crow laws, founded theKKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in US history. (See links below.)

Communists destroy historic statues in US, 2017

Communists destroy historic statues in France, 1871
Communists destroy historic statues in Russia, 1917
Communists destroy historic statues in China, 1967

These ignorant thugs are now being trained in Venezuela, where they will learn how to be even deadlier, and will return to America ready for blood. 

Please PRAY that the President is able to identify and arrest those coming against America.  Please pray your families are ready for what is coming.  This is our country and we stand for FREEDOM.


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