Dollar Falling and It Can’t Get Up

Michael Snyder asks if we’ve entered a time when justice might prevail again in America.

the dam appears to be breaking and all of a sudden a flood of allegations is coming out. On Monday, we learned of brand new accusations against Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and New York Times journalist Glenn Thrush.

National Example: The economy is so bad that in Michigan Flag Star Bank is now offering the Zero Down Mortgage with no closing costs. Flag Star Bank will not only pay the customary 3% down but also the $3,500 needed for closing costs.

The Dollar’s Reign of Terror is coming to an end as can be seen in these stories:

1. Iraqi Forces retake Rawa – the last ISIS held city in Iraq.

2. Syrian Government Troops enter the city of Abu Kamal – the last ISIS held city in Syria.

3. Prince Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia arrests dozens of members in the military who have been working with the Deep State.

4. China seeks to strengthen it’s relationship with Prince Salman.

5. As the American Media begins to fall under it’s own weight of lying and deceit companies across the world are creating Digital Currency and looking to gobble up these failing companies.

Even Amazon and Netflix are now forming their own production companies and spending Billions to make movies and TV shows. The entire industry is in complete disruption.

If the New Tax Code goes through then the buyouts will accelerate and we may end up with a single media company in this country.

No National Socialism (NAZI) there – is there?

Google controls the Internet run by the ABC Corporation and AT&T will run the media.

6. The Keystone Pipeline has leaked 215,0000 gallons of oil (due to sabotage) into the ground near Amherst, South Dakota.

Based on Underground Water Flows the contaminated underground water will hit the Lake Traverse Sioux Indian Reservation wells in about 30 days.

7. The US has apparently been intervening in Hungarian Politics in order to elect a President that will accept US-made poisonous GMO crops.

8. Big Ag Gag 29: 29 US States have approved a new law that prevents any discussions at any level banning poisonous GMO crops.

Pray that all those involved in approving and making GMO crops are neutralized immediately. These Deep State Pigs who wish to kill and destroy out of hate are not eliminated yet – so keep praying.

9. NFL player puts cover back on soldier: NFL Player Runs Onto Field During Flag Ceremony & Stuns Entire Stadium With What He Does To Soldier

Enjoy this fast recap. Please continue praying for our country, for Trump, and against the Cabal. More from Benjamin Fulford later.


“Living A Life That Really Matters”


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