The Storm Continues

This morning on Facebook I asked where the Pentagon put $21 Trillion and 44,000 troops. Apparently both are missing. Doubtful the Cabal will be able to send another missile into the exact offices of the Pentagon where these records are stored…

Q is still alive and working for the good guys. He (she?) is posting on both 4chan and 8chan ( He is most likely near the President, as many of his “bread crumbs” have proved accurate.

The best ever dumb move CNN made was from this weekend, and beautifully reported by Glen Greenwald, who called it a humiliating debacle. I look forward to the clean up of the MSM.

AND hand-in-hand with Media is Hollywood. We will be seeing more felonious activity outed, just as Harvey Weinstein, who may be prosecuted under RICO laws, a music executive at Disney, John Healey, was charged with abusing two underage girls. And NBC fired another 20-year staffer after misconduct allegations. Maybe the RICO laws can be used to take down the Bushes and Clintons…

One of the YouTube channels I browse is Dahboo7 who has been documenting anomalies coming out of Antarctica. He has claimed much of the seismic activity around the world is linked to these anomalies. If you have pertinent information about these, he’d love your input.

Be patient, patriots. Our man in the White House is cleaning house, and there is a lot we don’t see. As the 4200+ indictments are opened, we will continue to see massive arrests. Be watchful for more false flag events to try to cover the last gasps of the Cabal: its defeat will be sure with your continued prayers.

Additional Sources

Destroying the Illusion with Jordan Sather on YouTube.

What actually struck the Pentagon on 9/11 –


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