Unnatural Fires Were AIMED (DEWs)

China, NYC, Tennessee, California.  These and other places have been destroyed by Direct Energy or Microwave weapons.  


Why and by whom, for what purpose, what or who are they trying to destroy???  Why were these “hits” so hot And so fast with no build up, just torched areas? 


1.  Clear out the people as part of population migration in Agenda 21.

2.  Create new “open space” as part of the UN Agenda 21/ 2030.

3.  Change zoning to become compatible with the Agenda and “stack & pack” housing. (See pictures of the Santa Rosa area.)

4.  Terminate a particular portion of society because of genetic variance.

5.  Terminate those who go against the Cabal.

I’ll leave it to you to add to this list.

Watch this video.

Watch “Directed Energy Weapons Used China etc” on YouTube


Rezoned areas of compliance
Evacuation areas

Additional Sources 




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