MSM Silent on Obama-Hezbollah Connection

In 2010, a US military intelligence report released by General Michael Flynn (Trump’s former National Security Advisor) warned that Hezbollah had established a formidable presence in Mexico and was working with feared drug cartels—aided by the Jumblatt Family—and that, by 2012, led US Congresswoman Sue Myrick to warn that the mounting evidence of a Hezbollah presence in Mexico was being ignored by the Obama regime—and whose warning was echoed, in 2014, by General John Kelly (Trump’s current Chief-of-Staff) who stated that “we know that some of the cocaine money that comes out of the United States is laundered into the coffers of Hezbollah.” General Kelly was supported later in 2015, when Lieutenant-General Kenneth Tovo further warned the Obama regime that Hezbollah was working with Mexican drug cartels.

Since the earliest warnings, in 2008 of Hezbollah uniting itself with Mexican drug cartel, the US DEA began its Project Cassandra investigation—that was run out of a top-secret DEA facility in Chantilly, Virginia, used wiretaps, undercover operations and informants to map Hezbollah’s illicit networks, with the help of 30 US and foreign security agencies—but, beginning in 2015, the Obama regime began to shut down—and whose shocking details were revealed this past week have been met with “a deafening media silence”.

If you’re wondering about the cause of this “deafening media silence” regarding the Obama regime being exposed having shut down the DEA’s Project Cassandra, you need only read the numerous Sorcha Faal reports over the years wherein they’ve documented how the Mexican drug cartels have sowed chaos in Chicago—and were able to do so due to an arrangement the Obama regime had with Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed that criminal organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs, while Sinaloa provided information to the US on rival Mexican drug cartels.



Obama-Hezbollah drug trafficking investigation

Sorcia Fall



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