Elites Attempt to Destroy America and Trump

From The Elites Prepare to Shutdown America, by William Mount

The Elites BUCOS (Bush/Clinton/Obama/Soros Drug Lords) organization is now ready to strike at President Trump in their last attempt to take down a sitting President.

As of 24 December the ELITES were negotiating and suing for peace but you can not negotiate with evil.

Everything was going pretty good for these elites – as can be seen when the Frazzled Rat was Secretary of State. In one of her numerous trips she went to the African Nation of Tanzania and had General Electric set up a Natural Gas power Plant there using USAID Dollars and got quite a kickback.

Working with her Lefties and Allies she helped set up over 300 Organizations in, and around, Washington DC using YOUR Tax Dollars – Organization like
1) MoveOn.org and
2) TrumpIsNotAboveThe Law.org to ensure her victory as President in 2016.

Despite all of her money and Influence – nobody in America liked her as real counts she only received around 13 Million Votes.

No problem – all votes Nationwide were routed through the Obama White House.

Oops – somebody at Microsoft changed the electronic votes just enough so that Donald Trump won.

Business as Usual then changed.

The first thing new President did – realizing the ‘BUCOS Elite Gang’ wants him out of the way – was to begin huge investigations on those who have supported the Frazzled Rat.

After over 12 attempts on his life by these Elites he is now ready to begin to close the noose around many of these Elites. They will either capitulate or the Living GOD will deal with them Directly – Face To Face. So HE has said it – so it shall be.

As for this next attempt planned to take out Trump set for 3-4 January – they will fail miserably and be fully exposed as members of the  Secret Service will fully cooperate with the President or end up guarding Icicles in Northern Alaska for the rest of their lives.

One thing these investigations have revealed – primarily through Wikileaks – is exactly what illegal activities members of Congress and the US Supreme Court have done. This means that if these folks do not cooperate they will – go away forever.

To this end, President Trump has confidently stated while at Mar-A Lago (Surrounded by Loyal Military Troops and the Press) that he “Predicts” the Democrats and Republicans will come up with a New Obamacare replacement Bill shortly after the Tax reform Bill eliminated the Mandatory Obama Care Payments.

Keep in mind that under The State Of Emergency declared by President Trump a few short days ago there is NO Congressional Immunity for Treason: Senator McCain or – Senator Frankengrope – Sexual Assault.

 Across the nation these Perverted Democrats are now being exposed – along with their Lying Main Stream Presstitutes.

Many Uncooperative members of Congress and the Press are now going away – like Matt Lauer, bought and paid for by the CIA and YOUR taxpayer Dollars.

It is so bad that in California Alone the Democratic Party may loose their Majority in their State Congress. So many are now being “Taken Down” for their Illegal Activities.

Further – Congress is now whipping up a Bill to eliminate Discrimination against those who tell the truth (Conservatives) on both Facebook and Twitter that will extend to all corporations owned by Google – including You Tube. Time will tell.

Further – in a huge move the World Bank will no longer be financing Oil and Gas Exploration and Pipelines as of 1 January 2019 – Indicating a Huge Change in our Power Source is about to come – being directed by the White House.

Apparently in the Negotiations that occurred 24 December two additional things were agreed upon: The reunification of Koreas and the coming of Alternate Energy Sources and the elimination of Gas Powered Vehicles.

So when you read stories about US Spy Satellites catching Chinese Ships delivering Oil to North Korea – it is all Smoke and Mirrors.

Also keep in mind that these folks at the top are all “Buds” – Friends.

In a recent Snow Storm in Pennsylvania over 60 inches of snow were dumped in 2 days.

A Closer examination of the Snow Storm reveals that Philadelphia was the Epicenter – Why?

All of these Elites now unifying against the “Elite BUCOS Group”  graduated from Wharton College in Philly – the heart of the American Revolution for Freedom way back 240 years ago.

It was a message.

[Good things are happening, fellow patriots!  Be patient, vigilant,  and continue to pray.]


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