Fusion GPS Implodes

Congress is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the individuals who made up the fake Russian dossier against John McCain in 2008 and against President Trump in 2016. Congress also just seized the bank records of all those involved in this fake Russian dossier.

With this information, the FBI is now putting together a case against all those involved in funding the Clinton Foundation.

 After reviewing how Mr. Steele conducted himself in distributing information contained in the dossier and how many stop signs the DOJ ignored in its use of the dossier, I believe that a special counsel needs to review this matter. The rule of Law depends on the government and all who work on its behalf playing by the rules themselves. I hope the Department of Justice will carefully review our letter and take appropriate action.

Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) | Zero Hedge

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge was skeptical, stating, “Of course, the only question is whether the alleged false statements made by Steele will result in the same punishment as that bestowed upon Michael Flynn or whether there is an exemption for false statements provided they were intended to harm the current administration.”  His incredulity is echoed by this Citizen Journalist.

Four days after this announcement, “Senator Dianne Feinstein circumvented her Republican colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday and unilaterally released the full 312-page transcript of the committee’s closed-door interview with Glenn Simpson, a former journalist and co-founder of Fusion GPS, which commissioned the controversial Donald Trump’s dossier about alleged connections with Russians.”

Taylor Foy, a spokesman for Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, blasted the Feinstein release, “Her action undermines the integrity of the committee’s oversight work and jeopardizes its ability to secure candid voluntary testimony relating to the independent recollections of future witnesses,” Foy said in an emailed statement.

There are some snarkier takes on the Fusion GPS demand to have the transcript released: as Sean Davis of the Federalist notes, “At the demand of Fusion GPS, @SenFeinstein put Fusion GPS’s testimony on her website. In the interest of transparency. While redacting the names of Fusion’s partners. Amazing.”  Davis also adds, “It’s almost like Fusion GPS was more interested in aligning future DOJ witness testimony with its own claims than it was with actual transparency.”

Simpson also demurred when asked to provide specifics about people who provided information to Steele. The ex-intelligence official was adept at gleaning information about Russia, where disinformation is a known pitfall, Simpson said. When Simpson was asked to detail steps Steele took to verify his sources’ credibility, his lawyer cut in to stop the line of questioning.


FBI Launches New Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation | Zero Hedge



GOP Asks DOJ Probe of Spy Who Wrote Dossier | ZH

Feinstein Unilaterally Posts Full Testimony Of Fusion GPS Founder, Grassley Furious | ZH

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