Israel and Russia to Help Destroy the Elite

From Israeli PM Vows to Destroy Democratic Party



On Monday Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel met with President Trump and vowed to assist him in taking down the Democratic Party.

You think – how can the Prime Minister of a tiny little nation like Israel even attempt to take down the Mighty Democrats – supporters of the Global Elites?

Apparently, all email, texts, and phone calls are routed through Israel. This means that every single time Democrats have used any kind of electronic communication, it has been routed through, and stored in, Israel and 14 other National Computers.

What this means to you and me is that those behind every single Terrorist Attack in this nation – from Waco, Texas and the Oklahoma Bombing, through 9/11, up to the latest Dump Truck ramming a train – are now going to be exposed.

Who did it and who funded it, where they got the explosives, and why it was done.

What has finally infuriated Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel?

First: The Democrat Party in the White House in 2015 spent over $350,000 US taxpayers’ dollars to defeat Prime Minister Netenyahu and have used White House monies to discredit this man worldwide.

Second: There was a recent attempt to take out Netenyahu using a US-funded Intelligence man a month ago.

Third: The Elites (with their Democratic allies or MA’s) are now moving millions of Muslim Refugees into nations with large Jewish Populations. Thus – not only killing Jews “for fun,” but running them out of their own countries.

Opposed to them are the Goopers – those who believe that murder and rape are wrong – are now in power and about to end this march toward massive poverty and anarchy.

So to this end – stabilizing world economies, stopping the march towards a Nuclear War, protecting Jews world -wide and protecting his own hide, Prime Minister Netenyahu is opening up their records to Jeff Sessions for the arrest and prosecution of these Worldwide Terrorist Elites – Including the 357 US Billionaires.


Russian Intelligence leaders are now meeting with members of Congress and President Trump in Washington DC to help coordinate this Take Down of these Elite MA’s

Apparently President Putin did not like the 4 threats to his life last month, so he too is now working with President Trump to put an end to these Elite Terrorists.

Russian’s SVR Director Sergey Nryshkin and FSB (KGB) Director Aleksandr Bortnikov and GRU Director Igor Kaorobov have all met with both key members of Congress but also with Presidential Representatives about this Elite Problem and how to stabilize the World’s Economy.

In response to these goals, the Elite MA’s in the Democratic Party threw a Garbage Truck at a train in Virginia carrying Key Republican Leaders to White Springs Resort in West Virginia for a meeting on how to accomplish these formidable goals.

Apparently Democrat Jonathan Tasini – former President of the National Writers Union – called those who would try and preserve America Goopers.


You know – supporters of America First, the Original 1789 Constitution, Equal Rights, Freedom of Speech, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, small government, Taking down those creating Poisonous GMO food crops, stopping Toxic Chemtrails, eliminating welfare for Illegal Aliens, cleaning up the environment..

Goopers – Anti-Anarchy and Anti-Nuclear War.




1) The latest threats against President Trump yesterday have left him a little White Knuckled. What he is about to do now is Personal – he is genuinely angry.

2) As the exposure of those trying to implement THE PLAN and then destroy Planet Earth continues, the people across the world will now rise up and demand prosecution of these Elites.

From the steeps of the Siberian Plains to the mountains in India – from Japan to Boston – the people must focus their minds on routing out these Lucifarians and destroying their power base and jailing them for life.

3) The Alaskan Economy is tumbling and many ask why. It’s Simple – Too many years of Welfare and too many people demanding Free Food, Housing, Health Care, etc.

Let this be a warning. Either we destroy welfare and Monsanto or they will destroy us.

4) As it continues to snow across the Sahara Desert Al Gore and his Global Warming Buddies have gone into hiding.

Pray for President Trump’s safety. Those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside – so GOD has said it – so it shall be.



Israeli Prime Minister Vows Complete Annihilation Of Democratic Party In America

Russian Spy Chief’s Testimony Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller Ordered To Highest Classification Rating

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Liberal author Jonathan Tasini celebrates fatal GOP train accident: ‘God is working hard today’ | Fox News


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