The Trump Effect Casts Attackers’ Demonic Reflections

The entire globalist network from the Council on Foreign Affairs to the Bilderbergers, from the Soros led European Union to the Pope’s Knights of Malta attacked Trump before he was elected. Trump took the wind out of their sails by simply not signing the $5 trillion Paris Climate Accord. He ended years of sinister planning by the elite to create a new globalist “fake currency” that would gut the U.S. economy while other countries became rich, ignoring their own carbon footprint. They attacked Trump, and he swiftly destroyed years of their planning , saving the American taxpayer $5 trillion. The Trump Effect!

Terrorists around the world attack Trump openly, so Trump goes to Saudi Arabia and tells the Muslim world that terrorism must stop or there will be no more economic cooperation with America. Then, ISIS collapses, Iraq ends its war, Syria ends its war, Muslim nations stop funding terrorism. More examples of the Trump Effect?

Who is next? Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Eric Schneiderman, Andrew Wasserman, Jeff Sessions, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok, Michael Horowitz, James Baker, Bill Preistap, Rocket Man, China, Iran, the Federal Reserve, or the United Nations? Go ahead, take your best shot. Personally, the Anonymous Patriots of the American Intelligence Media will just simply sit back and enjoy the greatest show on Earth.

Patriots for Truth

American Intelligence Media 

In the post-truth age of falsehood politics, we have noticed that when people attack Donald Trump they tend to reveal their own failings, sins, and crimes, rather than those they claim belong to Donald Trump.

Hillary continues to attack Trump about Russian collusion, but it is Bill and Hillary’s Russian collusion with Uranium One, the Russian Reset, and Podesta Russian kickbacks that are exposed, while the lack of evidence for Trump engaging in these activities becomes more apparent.

Hollywood stars and media moguls come out in full force to attack Trump’s morals, just to find themselves exposed for sexual immorality and depravities for all to see. The compromised corruptocrats of the DOJ and FBI attack Trump, and now they are under investigation for conspiracy, collusion, obstruction of justice, and politically biased investigations. The 17 U.S. intelligence agencies attack Trump through James Clapper and we see more…

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