Our Structured Demise, Altered

Who can tell me the quickest way to reduce a population without outright killing people?

What if I told you there was a gene that made your body attack sperm? American company Epicyte has developed such a gene, and it’s called the Epicyte Gene.

What if the chemical companies got together to commercialize that gene, and spliced it into a food? Something with myriad uses, feeding both livestock and humans. What if Dupont and Monsanto added the Epicyte Gene to corn?

By what right do they sterilize people who eat corn?
The combination of poor health, the consumption of GMO food, contaminated vaccines and starvation will make billions of people susceptible to a coming series of plagues. MIT released a study saying that when the dollar collapses a half billion people die from starvation and riots and that a few billion will die from plagues.

As Zbigniew Brzezinski said, “It is easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

Eco-fascism is combining with Sustainable Cities, weather manipulation (geoengineering, HAARP) and debt creation to utterly bankrupt us and get us off our own land (Agenda 21; 2025). Dr. Richard Day said back in 1969 that manipulated weather will devastate the small farmers and pave the way for mega-growers. We see today that floods and droughts have crippled communities (ex. California drought) allowing Big Agri companies to just walk right in, and the Banks to buy up the land on the cheap.

Fortunately, last November, America came out in the Second American Revolution. We said no more to the corruption in D.C. and wanton disregard for women and children forced into sex trafficking. The military has been working silently and orchestrated the dismemberment of Shadow Government evil networks, the fall of the Cabal, and the accountability of politicians past and present in order to save the planet. The world owes them their lives, literally. These folks are heroes.

Previously unimagined agreements with Russia and North Korea have ensued due to the military’s halt on American wars of occupation. No more will we send our children to die defending the poppy fields of Afghanistan and the income streams of the rich (Bushes, Clintons, et al.), or those of the CIA.

With the arrest of these “swamp creatures,” there should also be the seizure of assets of these criminals to fund debt-cancellation worldwide to declare a real Jubilee.

The Cayman Islands has a Rothschild private bank and wealth management group. In addition to there are 279 banks, lots of Hedge Funds and many locally registered corporations owned by foreigners.

Lichtenstein has 73,700 holding or so-called ‘letter box’ companies that will need to be seized. Lichtenstein also has foundations which are financial entities created to increase the privacy of nonresident foreigners’ investmens. Some of these are 3 and 4 generations family trusts for people who have exploited mankind for more than a century…

Investigations into money laundering in Cook county Illinois and Maricopa county Arizona have found massive amounts of hot money laundered through real estate. All of these properties should be seized so they can be sold and used to at least partially fund Social Security over the next 20 years…

There are tens of trillions of dollars in public assets held by tens of thousands of government agencies in America listed at http://www.CAFR1.com. These assets should be seized so that all local (4 trillion dollars) and federal (21 trillion dollars) in debts can be cancelled. The Coup leaders need to explain that in the future no government agency will ever be allowed to go into debt. They will issue a non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

Although there are upwards of 33,000 indictments and a comparable list of CEO “resignations,” the American people are eager for actual arrests and possible public hangings. The QAnon (military, and those close to POTUS) posts have helped to advise and calm the torches and pitchforks, but the Q need to show a bit more of their hand in terms of gains against the Cabal.

With the introduction of Tesla free energy and other suppressed tech, clean up and banning of harmful chemicals in the food supply, and dissolution of the Banker class to produce debt-free commerce, not only is this military coup an end run around the bloodline families, it’s a complete reset of society back to human dignity and happiness. May God grant the coup leaders blessings befitting their work for His people.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  – George Orwell, Author

“All Truth Passes Through Three stages. First: It Is Ridiculed, Second: It Is Violently Opposed, And Third: It Is Accepted As Self-Evident” – Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher






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