The Undeclared War Effort

President Trump has been in office a scant five and a half months, while the military who protect him are utterly comminuting the Cabal. Their tentacles are being ripped apart, but not without some backlash.

Investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford reported last month:

The undeclared civil war inside the ranks of the Western elite is continuing to rage, with both sides carrying out major offensives. Ultimately, this battle is between the old aristocratic bloodlines, strongest in Europe, and the anti-bloodline Gnostic Illuminati, now prevalent inside the U.S.

The biggest battleground continues to be Washington, D.C., where the old establishment is fighting for its life and losing against the military-backed regime of President Donald Trump.


Fulford’s report continues to show “a continuing major offensive against pedophiles and other corrupt elements in the old establishment.” Defiant liberals are “reeling” from their myriad defeats in the culture war, and many in their ranks don’t even understand they’ve been sacked.

• NFL ordered players to stand during the national anthem.

Manhattan prosecutors were forced to arrest professional groper-pedophile, Harvey Weinstein.

• Justice Kennedy’s expected retirement will give the President control of SCOTUS.

• Fulford adds:

This will make it possible to carry out the long-awaited mass arrests without interference from cabal agents in the justice system, the sources note. It will also make a big difference in the culture wars, as a pushback to family values and away from promoting non-reproductive sex intensifies with Christian support.


As a part of these culture wars, Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial is putting a lot of pressure on the Hollywood elite. Pentagon sources are saying that Weinstein “signals with the book he carries about Communist director Elia Kazan that he will rat on other predators and pedos in Hollywood.” Kazan’s “testimony as a witness before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1952 at the time of the Hollywood blacklist brought him strong negative reactions from many liberal friends and colleagues.”


[Kazan’s courage to stand up to the liberal backlash, despite great personal loss, should be honored in Hollywood. Film author Ian Freer concludes that even “if his achievements are tainted by political controversy, the debt Hollywood—and actors everywhere—owes him is enormous.”]

• This is Weinstein showing his willingness to sing like a canary.

Jeffrey Epstein, who ran a pedophile island used to compromise and blackmail elite politicians, etc., is now an FBI informant who has been squealing to U.S. special prosecutor Robert Mueller. This is important because Mueller, despite his past tainted by 9/11 etc., is now working for the U.S. military.


• Zionist banksters were thwarted as trillions of dollars they fraudulently took after the Lehman scandal will be used for a new, gold-backed financial system! Fulford wrote that:

… over a trillion dollars will be released into the U.S. economy through trusted stewards—normal people, many of them veterans—to inspire a job creation and new construction boom such as we have not seen since the aftermath of World War II.

It seems Saudi Arabia is still connected to these moves by the white hats. Perhaps the Saudi perge didn’t go far enough.

de facto monarch Mohammad bin Salman has not been seen in public since a shoot-out was reported at his palace on April 21, 2018. This move against Salman, who was put in power by Israeli special forces, is definitely linked to attacks on Saudi agent and former CIA head John Brennan, the sources say. Brennan is now being blamed as the source for the entire “Russiagate” witch-hunt against Trump, they say.

No doubt, stress over the impeding doom of his protégé Brennan is one reason why 93-year old George Bush Sr. is in the hospital again.

Fulford further explains that the Bush/Nazi faction of the cabal will take another hit if a military coup is successful in purging them from Brazil.

John Bolton’s role is put under scrutiny as he issued “provocative statements” regarding North Korea. This writer had voiced concern about the Ambassador as a puppet of the Zionists.





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