Deep State Motive in Syria Thwarted

Who could have guessed that the war in Syria was due, in large part, to the existence of a seed depository in Aleppo?  Keep reading.

Or that the Deep State” aligned Pentagon and CIA forces illegally operating in Syria are being “put on notice” to leave this region before they’re obliterated as the “death blow” against the Islamic terrorist barbarians they’ve been supporting there nears…

Three cheers and heartfelt thanks go to Presidents Trump and Putin as they continue to clear the Cabal’s tentacles!

Islamic terrorists surrender nearly $10 million worth of CIA bought weapons (above) to Syrian army forces on 8 July 2018

In defiance of the Deep State’s war against Syrian President Assad—who nevergassed his own people”—Putin has systematically defended Syria from US rogue CIA bad actors and their created terrorist group, ISIS.

In support of the upcoming Helsinki Accord, where Trump and Putin will “make the most important diplomatic breakthrough on nuclear arms since the Reagan era,” the Russian Navy will conduct war games between Syria and Cyprus:

With a dozen or more Russian warships mainly from the Black Sea Fleet gather off Syria’s coast for future missile drills ahead of the Trump-Putin summit, it seems as Moscow is sending the CIA and the Pentagon a stern warning if relations after the summit falter.

Trump’s goal has been to open a dialogue with Russia since his candidacy days, and the State Department was tasked to work out the details.  Even though they worked against the President on this, the ground was set for this historic summit.

US reconciliation with Russia would yank the rug out from under the phony justifications for spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually to counter a “threat” that ceased to exist over a quarter century ago (fake Cold War, NATO).

The fierce battle in Aleppo by Syrian and Russian forces (against ISIS, et al.) underscores the importance of this city’s unknown seed bank.

…conditions in some areas of the midwest are starting to resemble conditions in the Middle East.

Rising temperatures are already leading to drops in midwestern crop yields, and threaten further reductions of as much as 4% per year. In the heart of US cereal and grain country, new pests and diseases are following the hot and dry conditions northward – and frequently overwhelming the ability of agricultural chemicals to battle them off. In response, scientists are seeking sources of natural resistance – and finding them in Syria.

(O)ne of the world’s most important seed banks (is) located about 25 miles west of Aleppo in the town of Tal Hadya, that was run by the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).

The seeds stored at this facility “benefit from genes embedded with survival strategies evolved over thousands of years…  The indomitable Aegilops tauschii grows wild in Syria in the hills surrounding Tal Hadya and Aleppo.”

This modest, but hardy ancient wheat plant may yet save us from the GMO wheat man has bred, as well as confer its strengths into the breeding stock of Midwestern crops.  (The Guardian article relates an interesting genesis of the issues involved.)

So, modest Aleppo’s importance has affected even the high-calibre, international machinations of the United States and the Russian Federation.


Syrian seeds hold the key to protecting farmers in the United States—why is the “Deep State” trying to stop this?




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